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Living In Vietnam: A Guide To Moving To Vietnam As An Expat

An essential relocation guide with a checklist on living and moving to Vietnam as an expat.

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Improvements For Our UAE Members In 2022

We’ve made a number of improvements to services for UAE members which take effect in October 2022.

Expat vs Digital Nomad: What Is Best For You?

We look at the phenomenon of digital nomads and contrast their lifestyle with that of expats.

How Expats From Hong Kong Are Affecting Singapore’s Healthcare System

Hong Kong’s pursuit of zero-COVID is incentivising expatriates to flee the city, with many heading to Singapore.

The 5 Best Countries To Live In And Work Abroad In The World In 2022

2022 is a year of fresh beginnings, and what better way to start anew than to move to a new country?

Diversity And Inclusion In The Remote Workforce

Remote working offers new opportunities for businesses to diversify their workforce.

What is Culture Shock and How Does it Affect Expats?

What is culture shock and how can you move beyond it to settle into your new life as an expat?

Dubai Culture: Everything Expats Need To Know

Culture shock is common for expats moving to a new country. Here’s everything you need to know about settling into life in Dubai.

Global Health Laws: Which Countries Have The Most Health Freedoms?

When travelling abroad, you may not be able to access the same health services that you’re used to.

What Are The Most Common Allergies Around The World?

Allergies are becoming more common around the world – which ones might affect you?

The World’s Most Popular Hubs For Business Travel

As the world of business travel gets slowly back to normal, we take a look at the most popular global business hubs.

How To Learn A New Language As An Expat (And The Best Languages To Learn)

Learning a new language is a big challenge. We look at the best languages to learn and how to get started.

Cultural Differences You Need To Know When Moving To Indonesia

Expats may experience culture shock when moving to another country – we look at key differences to help you prepare.

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