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How much does expat health insurance cost on average?

The cost of international health insurance varies greatly depending on your circumstances. As a rule of thumb, it’s more expensive than domestic health insurance, but how much does average private healthcare cost abroad? And how can you keep the cost of your health insurance under control?

How much does average expat health insurance cost?

In 2022, our average premium for an individual for a single year of cover was US$3,735. How much you pay though, will depend on things like your age, cover needs and location.

What impacts expat health insurance cost?

The cost of expat health insurance varies so dramatically because there are so many factors affecting how we calculate premiums. The most important factors are:

  • Where you need cover – Private healthcare is more expensive in certain countries and regions.
  • Your age – Generally speaking, the older you are the more healthcare you’re likely to need. Premiums get more expensive as you get older.
  • Medical history – Health insurance doesn’t typically cover pre-existing medical conditions. Sometimes, you may need to pay an additional premium to get cover for such conditions.
  • Optional extras – Perhaps you need cover for complex dental treatment or temporary cover in the USA.

Unlike other providers, your claims history while you’re a member with William Russell won’t affect your renewal premium. Unlike other providers, we don’t think it’s fair to penalise members based on legitimate claims they’ve made in the past. Further, it discourages people from receiving the medical treatment they need because they are concerned about the cost of their renewal premium.

We’ve published a full guide on how we calculate premiums for health insurance.

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How much does average expat health insurance cost in different countries?

Your location is one of the key factors in calculating a premium. The cost of private healthcare varies dramatically in different countries, even when they’re geographically close to one another. For example, the average cost of health insurance in Singapore is US$5,458, nearly double the cost compared to its not-too-distant neighbor Thailand, where expat health insurance costs on average US$2,728. We look into what influences the costs of healthcare and health insurance in the USA, a nation where per capita health spending is almost twice the average seen in other wealthy countries. You can also check the cost of claims abroad and see the most common and expensive health insurance claims across the world.

Because the prices vary so drastically we use a sophisticated pricing model that weights countries according to how much private healthcare costs there. We have over 100 different country weightings, which means we can provide members living in diverse countries an accurate and fair premium for their private health insurance in that country.

Most expensive countries for international health insurance

So which are the most expensive countries for expat health insurance? According to a 2019 report conducted by Pacific Prime, the USA was the most expensive country for expat health insurance premiums. You might guess the other countries making up the top five most expensive. Each figure in the table below shows the average cost for a single member, priced in US dollars.



Cost (US$)

Hong Kong

So, which countries are cheapest for expat health insurance?

The same survey concludes that the cheapest country for expat health insurance is Thailand. Surprisingly, European countries make up the rest of the ‘cheapest’ countries for expat health insurance.



Cost (US$)

What is health and how does insurance protect it?
We look at what international health insurance actually protects

Ways to save money on your health insurance premium

Whilst an international health insurance policy isn’t usually cheap, there are things you can do to ensure you’re not paying more than you need to when finding the right policy for you and your family. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Ensure your cover is for the right location(s) – most expat plans are tailored to specific areas (or zones) of cover. You can save money by ensuring you pick the right zone for you.
  • Choose a provider with modular/customised plans – Some providers lump several benefits together into one bundle. We know that one size will never fit everyone and that our members deserve tailored products.
    When you choose a provider who offers modular plans – you can decide whether you want to pay extra for things like dental cover. Find out more about our health plans here.
  • Pick the right ‘base plan’ for your needs – Once you’ve found an insurer with modular options, you can focus on picking the best base plan for your needs. It’s worth comparing more comprehensive plans and basic plans with added benefits.
  • Pick the right excess – Finally, it’s worth exploring different excess options. For example, if you’re only interested in a policy that covers you for serious illnesses you may be better off with a Bronze plan and a higher excess. At William Russell we don’t use call centres and instead, have a team of product specialists who are dedicated to helping you find a cost-effective health plan tailored to your needs.
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How much does international health insurance cost with William Russell?

Here are a few examples of our members and how much they pay for their plan (based on personal health plans with worldwide cover issued in 2021 by William Russell).

The busy family

The young couple

The solo nomad

A family of four who wants their routine dental care covered but don't need the additional the coverage our Gold plan would provide.
A couple who are planning on starting a family and want to ensure they have great maternity cover when they are living abroad.
A frequent traveller and digital nomad who wants to have medical evacuation and a good level of cover without a huge premium.
Country of nationality
Country of residence
35, 40, 5, 2
29, 34
Plan selected
Excess (per annum)
Payment frequency
Monthly premium
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