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COVID-19 remains a huge challenge around the world. Find out how you’re covered. Service for members is unaffected.

International health insurance

We’re a health insurance provider taking a different approach to insurance. By putting our members at the heart of everything we do, we’re building a healthcare experience that’s both personal and fair. Our plans put you in charge of your health, with cover for the latest medical treatments, freedom to access private healthcare internationally & our trademark personal service. That’s why we’re the healthcare partner for people living & working abroad.

We're your healthcare partner for modern life

We take a different approach to health insurance. By staying close to our members, we help them take charge of their own healthcare. We’ll help you choose the right health plan and, when you need medical treatment, we’ll work closely with your hospital or clinic to make sure you’re home and healthy as soon as possible.

Best hospitals & doctors

With our health plans, you’ll have access to top-rated hospitals and doctors within the area of cover you’ve selected. We also have over 40,000 hospitals in our worldwide medical network. If you’re admitted to a hospital in our network, we’ll settle your bills with the hospital directly, so you won’t be left out-of-pocket. With our membership card, you can benefit from fast-tracked everyday medical care across hospitals in Asia.

Personal service

William Russell exists to give you a better healthcare experience, and we pride ourselves on the people who make that happen. From medical professionals to member support experts, our customer service teams are made of people who live and breathe healthcare around the world.

Benefits to keep you healthy

Our product teams keep an eye on global healthcare, looking out for breakthroughs in medical science and monitoring trends in the countries where our members live. We make a point of giving our members comprehensive benefits for cancer treatment (including genome testing and counselling), while we offer generous support for mental health treatment.

International cover

The best thing about a health plan from William Russell is that your cover need not stop when you travel abroad or return home. Our plans are international, and you’ll have access to the best hospitals and doctors within your area of cover.

Money-back guarantee

All our plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your health plan or the service we provide, and you haven’t made a claim, then we’ll refund the premium you have paid with no question.

Select your core plan

All our plans help you access private healthcare around the world, with each one doing so in a different way. But there are some things we never compromise on. All plans include international cover, generous benefits for hospital costs, cancer treatment, and emergency medical evacuation.

All the benefits below are per member per period of cover, unless stated otherwise. Some benefit limits are stated in multiple currencies—the currency that applies to you is the currency in which you pay your premium.



Customise your plan

William Russell Upgrades

Medevac Plus

The Medevac Plus option gives you greater peace of mind for your life abroad. Medevac Plus gives you the following benefits, in addition to the standard benefits for emergency medical evacuation.

Direct billing for out-patient treatment

Direct billing is standard on all our health plans when you're admitted to a hospital in our medical network for in-patient or day-patient treatment. Members with a Silver or Gold plan who are resident certain Asian countries can also select direct billing for everyday medical costs, which means cashless access for doctor consultants.

Well-Being Plus

We encourage our members to take charge of their own health and welfare. While the Silver and Gold plans come with well-being benefits as standard, you can also boost your benefit limit, giving you have additional cover for preventive health screens and check-ups.

Dental options

All the plans come with some cover for dental treatment. With the Silver and Gold plans, you can add more benefits for routine and complex dental care.

William Russell Global travel add-on

Travel plan

The optional travel plan is available with all health plans. It’s great value for money, working out at only US$104 per member per period of cover. The travel plan includes US$85,000 of personal accident cover and US$4,250 cover for personal belongings and for trip cancellations.

Global personal accident add-on

Personal accident plan

The optional personal accident plan is available with all health plans. It’s a great way to increase the cover provided by your health plan, without breaking the bank. With the personal accident plan, we’ll pay you a cash lump-sum benefit if an accident results in your death, loss of sight, loss of limb or your permanent and total disablement within 2 years of the accident.

Tailor your plan



An excess is the fixed cash amount you pay towards a claim. You must choose one when you first apply for your health plan. You pay the excess for each medical condition, per period of cover. There's a range of excess options, including 'per claim' and 'per annum'.
Read more here.


Area of cover

The area of cover is a feature of international health plans that you don’t typically find in domestic plans. The area of cover is the geographic or territorial limits of your plan. In short, it specifies in which countries you’re covered. You can choose from three areas of cover, with each one giving you different levels of cover in different countries and regions.
Read more here.

William Russell Pre request

USA cover

None of the areas of cover includes cover in the USA as standard. If you need cover for temporary trips to the USA, we have two options for you: USA-45 and USA-90. Whichever you choose, there is no limit to the number of temporary trips you can make each year. The USA cover options are only available if you have selected Zone 1 as your area of cover.

Payment frequency

When you apply for a health plan, you choose the frequency with which you pay your premium. You can pay annually, monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. Paying your premium annually is the cheapest option overall. If you pay quarterly or half-yearly, you’ll pay a surcharge of 3%. If you pay monthly, you’ll pay a surcharge of 5%.

Medical underwriting

When you apply for a health plan, we assess your medical records, including any medical conditions or injuries you have suffered in the past. This process is known as medical underwriting. It helps us decide the terms under which we can offer you cover. You can choose from full medical underwriting, moratorium underwriting or switch underwriting.

Talk to an expert

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Compare cover

All the benefits in this table are per member per period of cover, unless stated otherwise. The benefit limits are stated in US dollars, but the plans are also available in pounds sterling and euros. The currency that applies to you is the currency in which you pay your premium.

Essential CareEssential Care PlusElite BronzeElite SilverElite Gold
Annual benefit limitUS$750,000US$1,500,000US$1,500,000US$2,500,000US$5,000,000
Hospital costs
Hospital accommodationSemi-privateSemi-privatePrivatePrivatePrivate
Hospital treatment (e.g. doctor’s fees, nursing, surgery, intensive care, drugs & pathology)Full coverFull coverFull coverFull coverFull cover
Cancer treatment
Cancer genome testingUS$6,000US$6,000US$6,000US$6,000US$6,000
Cancer treatmentFull coverFull coverFull coverFull coverFull cover
Mental health treatment
Lifetime limit for mental health treatmentn/an/aUS$50,000US$75,000US$100,000
In-patient & day-patient treatment (24-month waiting period)No coverNo cover30 days30 days30 days
Out-patient consultations (24-month waiting period)
Annual limit for out-patient treatmentUS$2,500US$7,500No limitNo limitNo limit
Validity period for post-hospital treatment60 daysn/a90 daysn/an/a
Primary medical care (e.g. doctor visits, specialist consultations, prescribed drugs)Post-hospital treatment onlyUS$2,500Post-hospital treatment onlyFull coverFull cover
Emergency ward treatmentAccident onlyCover to annual limitAccident onlyFull coverFull cover
Out-patient surgical proceduresCover to annual limitCover to annual limitFull coverFull coverFull cover
Advanced diagnostic testsPost-hospital treatment onlyCover to annual limitFull coverFull coverFull cover
Complementary treatmentsNo coverNo cover10 sessions (post-hospital)10 sessions15 sessions
PhysiotherapyUS$250 (post-hospital)US$250US$1,000 (post-hospital)Full coverFull cover
Monitoring & maintenance of chronic conditionsNo coverUp to primary care medical benefit limitNo coverFull coverFull cover
Well-being benefits
Preventive health (6-month waiting period)No coverNo coverNo coverUS$300US$750
Vaccinations for adultsNo coverNo coverNo coverUS$150US$250
Well-child benefit (6-month waiting period)No coverNo coverNo coverUS$200US$400
Dental costs
Emergency restorative treatment received as an in-patientUS$5,000US$5,000Full coverFull coverFull cover
Emergency restorative treatment received as an out-patientNo coverNo coverNo coverUS$500US$1,000
Dental Basic (6-month waiting period)No coverNo coverNo coverOptionalUS$1,500
Maternity costs (12-month waiting period)
Routine maternity careNo coverNo coverNo coverNo coverUS$15,000
Complications of pregnancyNo coverUS$10,000US$4,800US$15,000Full cover
Childbirth necessitating emergency surgical procedureNo coverNo coverNo coverNo coverFull cover
Emergency medical treatment for newborn babiesNo coverNo coverNo coverUS$10,000US$100,000
Expat benefits
Medevac BasicFull coverFull coverFull coverFull coverFull cover

Elite BronzeElite SilverElite Gold
Full coverFull coverFull cover
Full coverFull coverFull cover
30 days30 days30 days
No limitNo limitNo limit
90 daysn/an/a
Post-hospital treatment onlyFull coverFull cover
Accident onlyFull coverFull cover
Full coverFull coverFull cover
Full coverFull coverFull cover
10 sessions (post-hospital)10 sessions15 sessions
US$1,000 (post-hospital)Full coverFull cover
No coverFull coverFull cover
No coverUS$300US$750
No coverUS$150US$250
No coverUS$200US$400
Full coverFull coverFull cover
No coverUS$500US$1,000
No coverOptionalUS$1,500
No coverNo coverUS$15,000
US$4,800US$15,000Full cover
No coverNo coverFull cover
No coverUS$10,000US$100,000
Full coverFull coverFull cover

We mean different things to different people.

We mean a better healthcare experience for people living & working abroad. We mean financial security for people with futures to safeguard. We mean healthy & happy staff for international businesses. We mean progressive thinking for insurance partners. But one thing everyone knows us by is the way we work. By putting our members at the heart of everything we do, we’re creating an insurance experience that’s personal, sustainable & transparent. That’s why we’re the insurance partner of choice for people living & working abroad.
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