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If you become a member with William Russell, here are some of the people you might come across. These people power our member experience, so we only recruit the best!

Your member team

The people who help you day-to-day with your plan, your claims, and your annual renewal (if we’re lucky enough to keep you as a member).

avatar - Rachael Wilkins
Rachael Wilkins

Sales Support Administrator

avatar - Natalie Harris
Natalie Harris

Policy Services Manager

avatar - Caryn Greenhough
Caryn Greenhough

Policy Services Team Manager

avatar - Angela Hurst
Angela Hurst

Policy Services Executive

avatar - Andy Canham
Andy Canham

Policy Services Executive

avatar - Lester Mascarenhas
Lester Mascarenhas

Policy Services Executive

avatar - Donna Ayres
Donna Ayres

Policy Services Retention Executive

avatar - Qian Huang
Qian Huang

International Claims Manager

avatar - Becky Desiderio
Becky Desiderio

Claims and Business Support Manager

avatar - Susan Kelly
Susan Kelly

International Claims Team Manager

avatar - Maggie Robinson
Maggie Robinson

International Claims Executive

avatar - Ollie Owen
Ollie Owen

International Claims Executive

avatar - Barbora Adamcikova
Barbora Adamcikova

International Claims Executive

avatar - Cosmina Gradinaru
Cosmina Gradinaru

International Claims Executive

avatar - Fanny Lock
Fanny Lock

International Claims Executive

avatar - Dianne Butler
Dianne Butler

International Claims Executive

avatar - Julie Newman
Julie Newman

International Claims Executive

avatar - Danika Panganiban
Danika Panganiban

Customer Service Executive

avatar - Tanith Grant
Tanith Grant

International Claims Executive

Our partnerships team

The people who work with our insurance and commercial partners, usually one step removed from our members, but always happy to help.

avatar - Savitri Lestari
Savitri Lestari

National Sales Manager

avatar - Megan Lewis
Megan Lewis

Commercial Lead

avatar - Evita Gutierrez
Evita Gutierrez

Commercial Lead - Middle East

avatar - Muhammed Shefeeque
Muhammed Shefeeque

Business Development Manager

avatar - Katherine Cueva
Katherine Cueva

Retentions and Policy Services Executive

avatar - Tarren Brown
Tarren Brown

Corporate Retention Manager

avatar - Charley Teeder
Charley Teeder

Corporate Retentions Administrator

avatar - Matt Boxall
Matt Boxall

Business Development Manager

avatar - Eka Rulanti-Putri
Eka Rulanti-Putri

Sales Support Administrator

avatar - AJ Amores
AJ Amores

Administration Executive

Our technical team

The people who power our insurance plans and make membership possible.

avatar - Tim Coyne
Tim Coyne

International Technical Manager

avatar - Samantha Cooke
Samantha Cooke

Compliance & Contracts Technician

avatar - Liz Fisher
Liz Fisher

Chief Medical Officer

avatar - Graeme Goulson
Graeme Goulson

Pricing & Technical Risk Manager

avatar - Graham Burrough
Graham Burrough

Financial Analyst

avatar - Lee Doran
Lee Doran

Underwriting Manager

avatar - Pritesh Sodha
Pritesh Sodha


avatar - Rebecca Britton
Rebecca Britton


avatar - Sherrie Sinclair
Sherrie Sinclair


avatar - Julia Terry
Julia Terry

Policy Services Executive (Technical)

Our digital team

We’ll always be people first, but our digital team continue to build valuable digital experiences for our members.

avatar - Matt Czastka
Matt Czastka

Digital Marketing Strategist

avatar - Victoria Gwilt
Victoria Gwilt

Digital Content Administrator

avatar - Ausra Skopaite
Ausra Skopaite

Creative Lead

avatar - Brendan Cerff
Brendan Cerff

Head of IT

avatar - Tracy Robinson
Tracy Robinson

Business Analyst

avatar - Syed Gardezi
Syed Gardezi

Digital Product Contractor

avatar - Victor Kehinde
Victor Kehinde

Technical Business Analyst

Your leadership team

We’re as non-hierarchical as any company you’ll find, but the buck must stop with someone.