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International income protection for expats, families, international citizens, remote workers & frequent travellers.
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Joe Holden

Joe has been with William Russell for almost 8 years now and is responsible for assisting our direct clients all over the world.

Relationship Manager

I have joined the world of fatherhood fairly recently so sleep has been off the menu for a while but would not change it for the world.


I’m an avid football fan (I hold the mighty Tottenham Hotspur close to my heart); and I’m a fan of boxing! I always wanted to be Rocky when growing up. I think I should also tell you now, that I hate marmite!

Joe Holden, Relationship Manager


During the working week I try to ensure all of my clients are well informed of all the available options and how these options would work in reality, picking the right plan is not always straight forward so any questions, please do ask!

I have clients in countries all around the world, permanently residing or on work secondments so I do have an understanding of challenges that may be faced in various locations.

Customer service is at the heart of everything I do and I genuinely try my best to ensure that all of my clients can sense this when we discuss their plans.

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Our Values

From prevention to cure, we’re here give our members a better experience​.
We have no intention of becoming the biggest insurance provider, but
we’re committed to becoming the best. It’s in our nature to try harder
for our members and insurance partners.


We believe in people

Some insurers rely on AI and Big Data to do their work for them. We think differently. Healthcare is a highly personal experience, so it deserves a personal service. We’re a team of real people, at the end of a phone call when you really need us. We don’t hide behind call centres or bot webchats.

We’re committed to fairness

Healthcare is expensive, and – sadly – costs are on the up. We do everything possible to spread this inflation fairly. We calculate premiums with a long- term, sustainable pricing model. And you can tailor your plan to help reduce your premium without compromising your cover.

Transparency matters to us

Insurance is about trust, so we believe in being fair and open. This belief informs our idea of healthcare as a partnership between our members and us. That’s why we’re completely upfront with our health plans, and we want you to understand precisely what you’re buying.