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Joe Holden

Joe has been with the William Russell team for almost 8 years now. Whether it’s expat health insurance, life insurance, or income protection, Joe helps members all around the world find the right plan for their needs.

I’m here to make sure that members are properly informed about our insurance products and the options available to them when they first purchase a plan.

William Russell as a company is strong on fairness, openness, and transparency, and that’s particularly important when we’re explaining our insurance plans to potential members. Insurance is an essential purchase for many, but it’s not always straightforward. I’m here to help you find the right plan for your circumstances and answer any questions. I’ve become quite the expert now on private healthcare in many countries that I’ve not actually visited!

I'm an avid fan of football (I hold the mighty Tottenham Hotspur close to my heart), and I also follow boxing. In fact, I wanted to be Rocky when I grew up. And I should tell you now, I'm a marmite hater!
Joe Holden
Relationship Manager

I’ve recently joined the world of fatherhood. Sleep’s off the menu, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. At William Russell, we know life is complicated. Living abroad makes it even more so. I’ve helped our members all over the world, whether they’re living abroad permanently or just on work secondments. I do have a keen understanding of challenges that expats typically face, and I’m here to help you navigate them (or at least the private healthcare part)!

Good customer service is at the heart of everything I do, and I genuinely try my best to ensure that all of my customers sense this when we discuss their plans. I like to stay in touch with the people I’ve helped, and it’s nice to get the occasional email or WhatsApp!