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Working at William Russell

You’ll find wonderful opportunities here

At William Russell, we’re on a mission to make the expat experience healthier and safer. We’re also on a growth trajectory, so we’re looking for talented people from all backgrounds to join our teams. We’re doing exciting stuff; come join us!

Who is William Russell?

Yes, it does sound like the name of an insurance salesman from the 1990s. But that’s exactly the point. William Russell is the name Inez Cooper, Founder & Managing Director, chose when she started the company. In the 1990s, insurance was a male-dominated industry. Inez felt like the company needed a man’s name to be taken seriously. ‘William‘ is the name of Inez’s son, and ‘Russell‘ is a family name on Inez’s father’s side. James, Inez’s brother, joined soon after the company started trading, and the plan worked: the company grew quickly, and we still receive letters addressed to Mr William Russell today!

Some quick facts

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Work with the best

We work closely with some the largest financial services firms and some of the most exciting tech firms in the world

Language barriers-Adapting to language becomes a cause of new stress in itself

A diverse community

We have staff in 7 countries, with 20 nationalities and speaking 34 languages

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Focused on our members

One of the things we love about the company is that we’re completely focused on customer satisfaction (in fact, it’s our main KPI!)

We have a reputation for the best customer experience in the industry for a reason: we’ve always hired the best people.
Inez Cooper, Founder & Managing Director

Be part of exciting projects

Microsoft’s feature on our online quote journey

We work closely with Microsoft to deliver customer-facing web applications through the Power Apps platform. In fact, we were one of the first companies to use Power Apps for ecommerce, so Microsoft did a case study on us.

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Feefo’s case study on our
member feedback strategy

Feedback from our customers is super important to us. We use it to improve our services, but we also want to use customer feedback for marketing our products. Feefo, our partner for customer reviews, did a deep dive into how we use their platform to survey our customers.

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Feature with Markup on how we review prototypes

When we’re delivering digital products, we work in an iterative, agile fashion. So comment, markup and prototyping tools are essential to the way we work. We rely on Markup for much of these needs, so they did a quick case study into how we operate.

Our commitment to workplace diversity & employee inclusion

Insurance is a dusty old industry and we’re doing our part to build a different kind of insurance company, with a strong, welcoming culture in which everyone can develop personally and professionally. Having a workforce that is representative of our customers means we can offer the personalised service that has become our trademark in the insurance industry.

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Values we work by

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We enshrine our members at the heart of our organisation. But this goes further than just how we treat members. We have more staff per 10,000 customers than any insurance provider.

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We’re small enough to make innovation the modus operandi of the company. Whether we’re building tech, designing products, websites or interfaces—we do it from the perspective of the user.

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By applying intelligent and critical thought to the provision of insurance products, we aim to make things better for our colleagues, members and partners.

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We have an opening for a Technical Pricing Manager and Pricing Analyst.

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