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Diversity and inclusion strategy at William Russell

We recruit, develop and retain people from a range of diverse backgrounds. We strive to develop a culture where everyone feels welcomed and supported and where the contributions of all team members are recognised and valued. Read more about our strategy here.

William Russell, a family-owned expat insurance provider founded in Surrey, UK, in 1992, is committed to maintaining diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy companywide. We are turning commitments into action to make real progress toward a more inclusive culture and community.

We have staff in 7 countries, with 20 nationalities and speaking 34 languages. For us, this means that the voice, perspective, and individuality of every employee, partner, and customer matters. Having a workforce that is representative of our members means we can offer the personalised service that has become our trademark in the insurance industry.

The William Russell journey to become a more diverse and inclusive company is led by employees from all levels of the organization – from employees to the leadership team. Meet our team here.

Inez Cooper started William Russell in 1992. We remain a family-owned business, and—despite the male-sounding name—are still powered by women. At William Russell, we know that having a gender-balanced workplace contributes to the diversity of thought we need to best service our members.

I’ve always believed that diversity and inclusiveness makes a huge difference to insurance companies. When I started out my career in the City of London, things were very different. I’ve always been determined to make my own business an exemplar, and I believe that William Russell’s wonderful culture has led to strong collaboration and better decision-making over the years. It’s just common sense!
Inez Cooper
Founder and Managing Director of William Russell

William Russell remains a family-owned business. Despite its male-sounding name the business is still powered by women; with females making up 62% of the total headcount and 50% of the senior management team.

Diversity and Inclusion at William Russell
Alongside healthy female representation in senior positions, William Russell also has a good mix of nationalities and backgrounds amongst its employees. All this helps create a great working environment, which explains why over 20% of employees have been with the business for more than 8 years.

“I joined William Russell five years ago and I’m proud to be a part of an organisation that promotes diversity and inclusion. Each employee is committed to excellence with emphasis on our core values and ethos of William Russell. I enjoy working for a progressive company that fosters strong work relationship which allows us to execute the best possible service in the market.

I think the best thing about working at William Russell is the people I work with in the Claims team. We have a very strong team who is always working together and helping each other. We are all passionate about our work and care about our customers greatly so we always strive to do our best to assist them in their time of needs. We are also a multi-cultural team which is a great asset to our team!
Fanny Morgan-Locke
International Claims Executive

“My journey at William Russell has been a growth story since I joined over two years ago. Every project has brought a new opportunity to learn and grow as a professional. I feel a sense of respect, support, and guidance to develop creative, inspired designs. Together with my colleagues, we are committed to adding value to the company.

William Russell is an excellent company – rather a family – to be part of it. I feel that this is the first company where each and every employee’s views have been valued and queries have been answered well in advance. Inside William Russell, we never felt our differences in us as we all work as a family all the time. More visibility and good communication between the board members and employees. Excellent support for the work life balance. Once again feeling proud and happy to be a part of William Russell.
Dharani Mohanam
CRM.NET Developer
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