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Who our international health insurance plans cover

Who needs international health insurance? We specialise in expat insurance for everyone from young professionals jetting off to Singapore for a two-year work assignment, or those who are relocating their family permanently to Africa or South America. Read on to match the right cover to your needs.

Where you’re going and who you’re taking with you make all the difference when you’re purchasing a global health plan. The best plan for a young person leading a healthy lifestyle won’t necessarily suit couples planning to start a family – so it’s worth bearing in mind for whom we design each plan.

To help you out, we’ve put together a quick guide to the different types of people who trust us with their health and well-being and the typical health plans they choose.

But, no matter which plan you choose with William Russell, you’ll always enjoy these membership perks:


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Emergency helpline

Wherever you move, go with total peace of mind. If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, such as evacuation, call our 24-hour emergency medical assistance service.

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Personal Service

Whilst some providers rely on technology to handle customers, we prefer the personal touch. We don’t use call centres and you’ll get a named advisor to help you if you need to claim.

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International Cover

Our health plans are designed for expats, a demographic of people with travel in their DNA. All our health plans come with international cover as standard, with the option to tailor this coverage in some regions.


Expat professionals & frequent flyers

While most of our members are expats, you don’t have to live overseas permanently to purchase one of our plans. If you’re lucky enough to spend at least six months of the year living, travelling or working outside your country of nationality, you can usually apply for international health insurance with us. There are a small number of countries where we can also provide cover for members living in their home country. We cover:

  • Expat professionals
  • Frequent flyers
  • Remote workers
  • Local nationals in Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Nigeria and Estonia

Expat Families

Families & couples
planning a family

Raising children abroad can be a rewarding, and memorable experience. So, whether you’re planning your first child or you’re planning to grow your family, our Gold plan may be right for you with its extensive maternity benefits.

While the Gold plan is the most expensive plan we offer, not everyone in your family needs to have the same plan: only the mother needs the Gold plan to be eligible for the maternity benefits. The partner and any children can have a lower-cost health plan.

Over 55s

Older expats

Our policies are suitable for expats aged 55 and over. Perhaps you’re looking for generous cover for hospital treatment or need regular trips to the doctor or pharmacy. Or perhaps you’re concerned about falling ill where the treatment you might need isn’t readily available?

Our health plans have benefits that are useful to you and we accept new members up to and including the age of 75. Most importantly, once you’re covered with us, you can renew your plan for as long as you need it—even if your health deteriorates. We won’t stop you from renewing your plan once you reach a certain age.


Overseas students

If you’re moving country for your studies, work experience, or a graduate placement, worrying about what would happen if you needed hospital treatment is probably not the first thing at the forefront of your mind.

Our plans are quick and simple to set up and mean you can focus on the things that really matter to you. Private healthcare can be costly, so our Bronze and SilverLite plans are well suited to students living and studying abroad on a tight budget whilst still giving loved ones peace of mind that you’ll get the care you need if something happens.


International employee benefits

“People power” means a lot to companies working across borders. Our international employee benefits help protect your most important asset – your staff. When you give to your employees, they often give back, so working with a benefits partner that provides great cover options and a personal touch can let your expat employees know you value them and help them stay healthy and well-cared for while they’re overseas. We have a range of plans and options for groups: your business can tailor the cover you need to your workforce requirements.

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The feedback we receive

Not only has the verbal feedback we’ve received from members and brokers on the changes we’ve made been overwhelmingly positive, but our account managers have enjoyed the increased responsibility and engagement at the point of renewal. After all, our account managers are real people, and they value real, frank interaction with the people and businesses they serve.

On the quantitative side, the improvements to our renewals process have significantly boosted our retentions figures. In renewals completed during the months of March through to August, we retained 92% of premium value of our individual members. Our Feefo rating has also increased from 4.4 to 4.5 since the beginning of the year. Our renewals teams have been energised and invigorated by the results and feedback from members, reinforcing our belief that what’s right for our members is also right for William Russell.

We’re a healthcare partner, not just an insurance provider

Whether we’re dealing directly with our members or working with you, we believe in long-term relationships. That’s why we’re committed to providing successful outcomes to all parties in every aspect of the member experience, and why better, easier-to-understand renewals are so important to us.