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William Cooper

William runs the marketing team at William Russell. It’s quite a challenge attracting members from countries all over the world, but we’re not doing too bad for a family-owned, independent provider.
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William Cooper

Marketing Director

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The best thing about William Russell is that we’re a medium-sized company but we’ve never lost the feeling of a privately-owned, family business. We have wonderful people in our offices around the world and our various teams have an uncommon dedicatation to the welfare of our members.

That’s not something many of our competitors can say; some of them are huge multinational insurance companies, household brands in most (if not all) countries. I’m sure they have the best intentions, but they cannot provide the personal service that members with William Russell enjoy.

Really, the wonderful people we employ at William Russell make my job, as Marketing Director, quite a bit easier. Attracting new members is easy when there's a good product and excellent service.
William Cooper
Marketing Director

William Russell was one of the first insurance providers to help expats with private medical insurance while they’re living and working abroad. Now, we’re one of the only providers that’s still independent.

We’re thankful to our members and insurance partners who have helped us to compete with some of the biggest insurance companies in the world. I guess we’re the independent coffee shop in a world full of Starbucks!

Meet the team

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Matt Czastka

Digital Marketing Lead

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Ausra Skopaite

Design & Artwork Executive

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Eka Vankova

Global Campaigns Lead

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Gretlin Aumre

Marketing Activation Lead