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The Bronze Plan

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an international student, our Bronze plan has been designed to give you peace of mind when living abroad. You can add on specific benefits that are important to you, or, if you simply need to prove you have cover to enter a specific country, this could be the right plan for you.

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Thinking about choosing our Bronze plan?

Our Bronze plan is a solid, international health plan for people who require cost-effective cover against serious health issues.

You have all the essential health benefits, plus a semi-private room if you’re admitted to hospital. You’ll get cover for out-patient treatment you receive within 90 days of your discharge from hospital, and you’re always covered in full should you ever need cancer treatment or advanced diagnostic tests.

As standard, the Bronze plan includes:

  • Annual benefit limit US$1.5m
  • Hospital costs
  • Cancer treatment
  • Mental health treatment
  • Medical evacuations


How does the Bronze plan compare?


Bronze plan SilverLite plan Silver plan Gold plan
Annual benefit limit US$1.5m US$1.5m US$2.5m US$5m
Hospital costs
Cancer treatment
Mental health treatment
Trips to the doctor For post-hospital treatment only
Pregnancy & childbirth Cover for complications of pregnancy
Medical evacuations
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What am I covered for?

Our Bronze plan covers you for the below essential benefits:

If you’re admitted to hospital 

  • Pre-admission tests
  • Your accommodation costs
  • Surgeon, anesthetist & doctor’s fees
  • Nursing care
  • Drugs & surgical dressings
  • Operating theatre charges
  • Intensive care
  • Pathology, X-rays, scans & diagnostic tests
  • Physiotherapy


When people think of health insurance, they tend to think about hospital and hospital treatment. Some insurance providers have their own network of hospitals, which means you can only use the hospitals permitted by your provider. We don’t place any such restrictions on where you receive your medical treatment. This means you’ll always have access to the top-rated hospitals and medical clinics within your area of cover.


Cancer treatment

  • Tests, scans, and cancer drugs
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Genome testing
  • Consultations (both as an out-patient and an in-patient)
  • Restorative dental treatment following chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Reconstructive surgery to restore your appearance (that you receive in the 90-day period following your discharge from hospital)

Cancer can affect you anywhere, at any time. We’re committed to providing the strongest benefits to give you the best chance of overcoming cancer. We’ll also cover you for cancer genome testing, which sequences the genes of your cancerous cells to help determine the best course of treatment for you. Finally, cancer is a condition that patients must often learn to live with. So we give you benefits for wigs following chemotherapy, counselling with a psychologist, and consultations with a dietitian.


Mental health treatment

  • In-patient and day-patient treatment
  • Specialist mental health consultations
  • Specialist mental health medication prescribed by a doctor

There is no telling how the experience of moving to or living in another country can affect someone. Expats are at a higher risk of experiencing mental health issues than people living in their home country. That’s why the Bronze plan covers your mental health as well as your physical health.


Doctor visits

  • Doctor visits & specialist consultations
  • Diagnostic tests (X-rays, MRI scans, CAT scans)
  • Emergency treatment you receive in the emergency ward of a hospital
  • Physiotherapy

International health insurance isn’t just for serious health issues. What about when you just want to pop to the local doctor’s surgery or the pharmacy? The Bronze plan covers you for out-patient treatment (i.e. medical treatment for which you don’t need to be admitted to hospital) for a 90 day period following your discharge from hospital.


Emergency medical evacuations

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Access to a 24-hour medical assistance helpline
  • Return airfare to your country of residence following your evacuation
  • Travel & accommodation expenses of a companion while you’re hospitalised following your emergency
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Access to a 24-hour medical assistance helpline
  • Return airfare to your country of residence following your evacuation
  • Travel & accommodation expenses of a companion while you’re hospitalised following your emergency


If you have a medical emergency and the treatment that you urgently need isn’t available locally then we will arrange emergency medical evacuation.We’ll evacuate you by road, sea or air if you suffer a life-threatening or limb-threatening condition that requires an immediate hospital treatment that is not possible locally.

All our plans come with a 30-day money back guarentee
If you’re not happy with your health plan or the service we provide, and you haven’t made a claim, we’ll refund the premium you have paid without question

Customise your Bronze plan with optional add-ons

Make your Bronze plan work for you by customising it with our range of optional benefits, including:

As standard, the Bronze plan offers semi-private accommodation if you’re admitted to hospital, with semi-private en-suite bathroom or shower room.

You can opt to select the private hospital room option, meaning you’ll have cover for a private room with an en-suite bathroom or shower room for the duration of your stay in the hospital.

Emergency medical evacuation is a vital part of any expat’s medical coverage. Adding Medevac Plus gives you greater peace of mind for your life abroad.

Additional benefits include a lower threshold for evacuation for cancer tests and treatment that cannot be provided locally, advanced repatriation to your country of residence if within your area of cover and additional costs for a companion to ensure you have a loved one with you for support.

Adding the optional personal accident plan cover is a great way to increase the cover provided by your health plan without breaking the bank.

With the personal accident plan, we’ll pay you a cash lump-sum benefit if an accident results in your death, loss of sight, loss of limb or your permanent and total disablement within 2 years of the accident.

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On a budget? Tailor your Bronze plan to suit you!

There’s a range of tools you can use to tailor your Bronze plan to your needs. They will help you put the finishing touches to your health plan, and can also be used to reduce your premium!

More about areas of cover
World Globe

Areas of cover

With an international health insurance policy, you have access to private healthcare in multiple countries. That is why it is an excellent choice for people who live and work abroad, or who spend much of the year travelling for business or pleasure.

Area of cover‘ is the geographic or territorial limits of your plan, specifying in which countries you’re covered and which countries you’re not.

Every health plan from William Russell has an area of cover. There are six zones, and you can choose any zone with any of our health plans (though Zone 3 is only available to residents of Indonesia).

More about medical underwriting
William Russell brand icon showing a black outline of a wheelchair on a pink background

Medical underwriting

When you apply for a health plan, we assess your medical records, including any medical conditions or injuries you have suffered in the past.

This process is known as medical underwriting. It helps us decide the terms under which we can offer you cover.

You can choose from Full Medical Underwriting, Moratorium Underwriting or Switch Underwriting.

More about insurance excess


An excess is the fixed cash amount you pay towards a claim.

You must choose one when you first apply for your health plan. You pay the excess for each medical condition, per period of cover.

There’s a range of excess options, including ‘per claim’ and ‘per annum’ excesses.

William Russell brand icon showing black outline of a dollar symbol on a pink background

Payment frequency

When you apply for a health plan, you choose the frequency with which you pay your premium. You can pay annually, monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. Paying your premium annually is the cheapest option overall.

If you pay half-yearly, you’ll pay a surcharge of 3%. If you pay quarterly or monthly, you’ll pay a surcharge of 5%.

William russell International Health InsuranceBronze plan – what does it cover?

The table below shows the level of coverage you have on our Bronze plan:

Bronze plan

Annual benefit limit
Hospital accommodation
Semi-private room (option to upgrade to a private room)
Hospital treatment
Full cover
Parent accommodation
Full cover
Local ambulance
Full cover
Hospital cash benefit
Up to US$150 per night (maximum of 60 nights)
Advanced diagnostic tests
Full cover
Cancer treatment
Full cover
Cancer genome tests
Full cover
Cash benefit upon diagnosis of cancer1
No cover
Lifetime limit of US$150
Lifetime limit of US$500
Lifetime limit of US$100
Transplants and related treatment
Full cover
Donor costs (per transplant)
Up to US$25,000
Kidney dialysis
Full cover
Reconstructive surgery
Cover for in-patient, day-patient & post-hospital treatment only
Treatment for congenital and hereditary conditions
Up to US$50,000 for in-patient, day-patient & post-hospital treatment only
Lifetime limit for mental health treatment
In-patient & day-patient mental health treatment3
Up to 30 days
Out-patient mental health treatment3
Up to 10 consultations (in-patient, day-patient & post-hospital treatment only)
Out-patient mental health medication3
Up to US$500 for in-patient, day-patient & post-hospital treatment only, with a 20% co-insurance
HIV/AIDS treatment4
Up to US$5,000 for in-patient & day-patient only
Medical aids
Up to US$250 per medical condition
Prosthetic implants
Full cover
Prosthetic devices
Up to US$500 per device
Annual limit for out-patient treatment
No limit
Primary medical care
Post-hospital treatment only
Emergency ward treatment
Essential treatment following an accident
Complementary treatments
Up to 10 sessions (post-hospital treatment only)
Hormone replacement therapy
No cover
Traditional Chinese medicine
No cover
Up to US$1,000 (post-hospital treatment only)

1 – 6-month waiting period. 2 – Lifetime limit of one claim. 3 – 12-month waiting period. 4 – 24-month waiting period. 5 – 6-month waiting period. 6 – 10-month waiting period.

Full information on Bronze plan coverage, full T&Cs, limitations and exclusions that would apply to your policy can be found in your plan agreement should you decide to purchase a plan. Some benefits are optional, and can be added to your plan using the online quote tool. The information is accurate for health plans starting between 01 January 2023 and 31 December 2023.

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We’re here to give you a better healthcare experience

You may think health insurance is only about providers paying your medical bills, but there’s much more to membership with William Russell. Our health plans get you access to top-rated hospitals and doctors, helping you benefit from the latest diagnostic techniques and medical treatments.

And with us, your health plan is international. That means you’ll be covered where you live and work, when you’re travelling abroad, and when you make visits back home.

Unlike other insurance providers, we’re independently owned and run—so we’re free from the demands of shareholders and investors. Our obligation is to our members.

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Why choose William Russell?

At William Russell, we have 30 years experience of helping expatriates settle into their new lives overseas by providing world-class international health insurance.

Any time you need us

You can call our 24/7 emergency medical helpline

Choose your hospital

You’re free to choose which hospital you visit for treatment

Worldwide network

We have a worldwide network of hospitals and doctors to call upon

Bronze plan FAQs

Global health insurance (also known as international private medical insurance) gives you access to private healthcare around the world.

While most domestic health plans only cover you in one country, international health plans cover you in multiple (or even all) countries. They’re great for people who live and work abroad, or who spend lots of time travelling. Some international medical plans also include emergency medical evacuation cover so you can access urgent treatment even if it’s not available in your location.

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You must be under 76 years of age at the commencement date of your plan.

You may apply for cover on behalf of your spouse or partner (provided they are under 76 years of age) and/or on behalf of your unmarried children, provided they are aged less than 18 years old,
or less than 25 years old if in continuous full-time education.

Find out more about who we cover

It takes less than 3 minutes to fill in our online quote for international health insurance.

Once we have your completed digital application form, it usually takes 2 days to get your plan started.

Our dedicated onboarding team is on hand to help you choose the right plan and guide you through the medical questionnaire.

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In most cases, we can only provide insurance to expats. By expat, we mean people living and working outside of their country of nationality (e.g., a Dutch national living in Taiwan or a Canadian national living in India).

Typically, our members reside permanently in a foreign country. But we can sometimes provide cover to people expecting to spend at least 6 months of the year living or travelling abroad. In certain countries, we can cover people living in the same country that issues their passport. These countries are Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Estonia and Malawi.

We can provide plans to people of all nationalities in most countries around the world. You must be under age 76 when your plan starts, and you must be living or working in a country different from your country of nationality.

Definition of an ‘expat’

Making a claim with us is really easy.

If you need to claim for a benefit or treatment for which you must obtain pre-authorisation, you must contact us in advance of starting your treatment and give us all the information we require to assess if your proposed treatment will be eligible for cover under your plan.

If your proposed treatment is eligible for cover, we will pre-authorise all eligible expenses. We will not pay for any treatment costs or expenses that have not been preauthorised by us in advance.

Follow these simple steps

We mean different things to different people

We mean a better healthcare experience for people living and working abroad. We mean financial security for people with futures to safeguard. We mean healthy and happy staff for international businesses. We mean progressive thinking for insurance partners.

But one thing everyone knows us by is the way we work. By putting our members at the heart of everything we do, we’re creating an insurance experience that’s personal, sustainable and transparent.

That’s why we’re the international health insurance partner of choice for many people living and working abroad.