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How can brokers provide more value for customers - William Russell WebinarsHow can brokers provide more value for customers

COVID-19 and the ensuing disruption have posed new challenges to the traditional distribution model of brokers and intermediaries. Many have been forced to reimagine how they interact with and attract customers. Join Owain Thomas, Michael Lewars and Avin Talabani as they share insights and analyse trends on how insurance brokers can consolidate their role in insurance distribution, provide more value to customers, and find new opportunities.

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Our long-term plans in Hong Kong - William Russell Webinars


Our long-term plans in Hong Kong

2021 shaped up to be a turbulent year, with the global economic outlook uncertain and Hong Kong in the grip of a tense atmosphere. But Hong Kong remains central to William Russell’s business model and we are fully committed to retention and new business sales.

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