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What is a waiting period?

A waiting period is the time you must be insured by your policy before you can claim for treatment.

For example, our mental health benefits have a 12-month waiting period. In the first year of your policy with us, we won’t cover any mental health treatment you receive. The waiting period expires after 12 months, so we’ll cover mental health treatment you receive in the second year of your policy and after.

Not all benefits have a waiting period. There’s list of benefits that do.

Benefit Waiting period
Surgical removal of impacted, buried or unerupted wisdom teeth 12 months
Cash benefit upon diagnosis of cancer 6 months
Mental health treatment 12 months
Treatment for HIV/AIDS 24 months
Preventive health and well-being care 6 months
Routine dental care 6 months
Complex dental care 10 months
Pregnancy care and childbirth 10 months
Compassionate home visits 12 months

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