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How do we pay your medical bills?

How we pay your bills depends on the medical treatment you’re receiving.

If you’re admitted to hospital

Most hospital treatment you receive as an in-patient requires our pre-authorisation, so we’ll be in touch with the hospital and your treating doctor well before you’re admitted. We’ll pay your medical bills directly to the hospital, so you’re not out of pocket. If you have an excess on your policy, the hospital may ask you to pay it or we’ll ask you to pay it once you’ve been discharged from hospital.

There are some situations where we may not be able to settle your medical bills directly with the hospital. For instance, remote clinics in parts of Africa cannot handle international payments. In these cases, we’ll work with you and the hospital to find a way to settle the bills.

If you’re claiming for out-patient treatment 

If you’re claiming for out-patient treatment (such as everyday medical costs, doctor visits, prescriptions), the easiest way is to pay the bills yourself and claim them back from us. This is known as ‘pay-and-claim’.

We can reimburse you with a payment to your credit card or with a bank transfer to your account. We can reimburse you in a currency other than the currency you pay your premiums in.

Please visit our guide to making a claim for full information.