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How does an excess work?

An excess (also called a ‘deductible’) is the amount you contribute toward your medical bills when you make a claim. The more you contribute, the less you pay for your insurance cover. With our health insurance, excesses range from US$50 to US$10,000. You can also choose to have no excess (known as ‘nil excess’).

If you do choose an excess, you choose from 2 types.

1/ ‘Per claim’ excesses

This is the amount you pay each time you make a new claim for treatment of a covered condition. If the condition comes back, it’s considered a new claim, and you have to pay the excess again. If your treatment for a condition happens over two periods of cover, you pay the excess again when your policy renews.

2/ ‘Per annum’ excesses

This is the amount you contribute toward treatment in each period of cover. We cover the treatment costs above your excess. When your policy renews, your excess starts over, and you contribute your excess toward treatment in your new period of cover.

Read our guide to excesses to learn more.