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How do I check if I’m covered for a treatment?

Follow these four steps to check whether you’re covered for a certain type of medical treatment.

  1. Look up your Certificate of InsuranceWhen your policy started, we emailed you a bunch of documents. One of those is your Certificate of Insurance, which is your confirmation of insurance cover for private healthcare.
  2. See what health plan you have

    On the final page of your Certificate of Insurance, there is a table that specifies the health that plan you have. It’ll be the Bronze, SilverLite, Silver or Gold plan.

  3. Check your plan agreement
    Also in your Certificate of Insurance, you’ll see a link to a PDF version of your plan agreement. The plan agreement sets out the complete T&Cs of your cover with us. There’s a section called what you’re covered for, which sets out all the benefits for your health plan. Check to see whether your plan covers the treatment that you need.
  4. If in doubt, contact usWe’re here to help. If you can’t find your Certificate of Insurance, or you’re not sure whether a treatment is covered, we can confirm for you. Please just email