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Edan worked as an insurance lawyer earlier in his career, and he knew exactly what he was looking for from an expat health insurance provider when he moved to Mauritius.
He found it with William Russell.

This page is part of our member story series, in which we interview expats who’ve purchased a plan with us. You can learn more about their experience of William Russell and the service you can expect from us if you decide to become a member. Edan, based in Mauritius, has been a member with William Russell for a few years.

Meet Edan

As a dual national lawyer with an MBA, Edan’s career has taken him all around the world. He’s currently based in Mauritius with his young family.

Having previously worked in the UK, where he was an in-house legal representative for a well-known FTSE 100 insurance company, he has picked up a vast knowledge of all things insurance—especially what makes British insurers so highly sought after.

Why Edan chose William Russell

For me, in particular, it was very important to deal with someone regulated by a regulator as recognised and reputable as the FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK),” Edan told us.

I discovered that in other territories, there is a perception that whilst insurers are happy to take your premiums, they may find ways to not pay your valid claims.

So, Edan was delighted when a chance encounter with another expat introduced him to UK-based expat insurance specialists William Russell.

I was at a barbecue in Mauritius,” Edan explained, “and an expat acquaintance with a similar background to mine said he was quite chuffed with William Russell.

Edan promptly went online to conduct his own research, before picking up the phone to ask some questions. To his surprise, his phone call went straight through—not to an impersonal call centre—but to Joe, one of our advisors. Joe was able to answer Edan’s questions and provide information about William Russell’s insurance plans.

The personal touch

Edan acknowledged that he had found cheaper quotes online from our competitors. But with his knowledge of the insurance industry, he knew better than to go for price over quality of service and track record. And that’s why he ultimately chose William Russell.

As a lawyer, I read through all the terms and conditions, and I try to make sure I understand what I am buying,” he said.

With all the other companies, they appeared slightly cheaper, but it was really difficult to get a hold of someone you could discuss the policies with.

I’m a bit old-school,” Edan continued. “I like to speak to a human being. And with Joe, it was just like talking to a mate. It made it a lot easier.

I liked that I could speak to a human being at the end of the phone.
I just prefer dealing with someone directly.

Edan and Joe quickly built up a rapport as they went through Edan’s policy documents together.

While explaining the plans to Edan, I recommended him the Bronze plan,” Joe explained. “It offered everything Edan needed, such as cover for emergency hospital treatment, but without the need for day-to-day healthcare costs such as GP visits, or any additional extras like maternity care.

Joe broke it all down for me and he was incredibly accessible, and that’s the reason I took out the policy,” Edan told us. “He’s a personable guy and helped explain quite complex terms in a very simple way.

I liked that I could speak to a human being at the end of the phone. Most of the other providers had an online journey, which was very seamless, but I had a few questions regarding the coverage, and I just prefer dealing with someone directly.

“The service I received from Joe blew me away.”

Edan was great to deal with, not only because he is a nice guy, but because was open to hearing how the plan would work for him and his family. The personal touch is very important to us at William Russell, we do genuinely care about our members. We're all just trying to protect ourselves and our families.
Relationship Manager at William Russell

Clear and simple policy documents

Another thing that Edan told us made a huge difference was the wording of William Russell’s policy documents. We work very hard to ensure our language is accessible to anyone, removing insurance jargon and putting things in plain language everyone can understand.

It just helps going through it with someone that makes it very clear and simple to understand.

The policy documentation is very clear, very easy to understand,” Edan explained. “You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand it, whereas some of the other providers I’ve dealt with, their wording is like hieroglyphics!

Edan emphasised that any problems he had interpreting his policy documents were quickly resolved by picking up the phone to Joe.

It’s quite daunting as an expat to think about what happens if my wife, my kid or I need urgent treatment and we’re stuck on a tropical island somewhere, and it just helps going through it with someone that makes it very clear and simple to understand.

Any tips for other expats?

We asked Edan what advice he would give to other expatriates in his shoes.

Only take out what you need

I always advise my mates or my business contacts who are exploring expat health insurance to only take out what you need,” he said. “Sometimes you’ll buy a Lamborghini when all you need is a Toyota, so that’s quite important.

Understand your options

Secondly,” he continued, “as an expat, understand your options in terms of where you can and can’t get treated. For instance, many of the local providers where I live in Mauritius require that you get treated in Mauritius, but some will also cover treatment in South Africa or India if the medical care required is not available on the island. If you would prefer being able to receive treatment in a broader range of countries, look for a provider that gives you a little more flexibility.


But the big thing, Edan says, is reputation.  “Track record is very important,” he said. “Look at things like claims ratios, complaints and other publicly available data. Ask yourself, where is the company domiciled? Who are they regulated by? What type of people do they employ? What is their culture?

Having William Russell recommended by other expats in his network, and having explored our company in great depth, Edan was confident that we were the right choice for him and his family. As a satisfied customer, Edan has since introduced Joe to a number of his expat friends and business associates who have also taken out policies with William Russell.

Could William Russell international insurance be right for you too?

If, like Edan, you want an expatriate insurance provider with a personal touch – whether for international health insurance, life insurance or income protection insurance – and if you want to work with a company with 30 years’ experience and a human being waiting for you at the end of the phone, speak to us at William Russell.

We are a proudly family-owned business insuring expatriates in over 180 countries. Our hand-picked network of 40,000 hospitals and clinics around the world ensures you’ll always be offered the best quality medical care, no matter where in the world you are. And, your claim will always be handled by your personal adviser, who is available round-the-clock should you need them for help, advice, or just friendly reassurance.

I’ve introduced Joe to a really good expat friend of mine who needs life insurance and critical illness cover, and that’s gone great. I think it’s a combination of the personalised approach, the friendly service, and the way the documentation clearly describes what it does. All of that together is a unique selling point for William Russell in a market that’s quite complex for expats.

How much does international health insurance cost?

With international health insurance, you can choose between our Bronze, SilverLite, Silver, and Gold plans.

The Bronze plan, which Edan chose, is an economic option that provides the full minimum level of cover for most countries, including such things as hospital treatment, cancer treatment, and medical evacuations, with outpatient treatment limited to post-hospital treatment for up to 90 days.

Silver and SilverLite offer the same, but with full outpatient treatment and the choice of either a private or shared hospital room. Our highest-level Gold plan includes a suite of extra services, from mental health to maternity care.

To give you an idea on cost, the table below shows examples based on different circumstances across our range of plans:





About you
International student
Digital nomad
Solo experienced professional
Mature family with kids
Avg monthly cost
Included as standard
  • Semi-private room & post hospital treatment
  • Cancer treatment
  • Medevac
  • Mental health
  • Semi-private room & treatment
  • Cancer treatment
  • Medevac
  • Standard out-patient up to US$5,000
  • Physiotherapy
  • Private hospital care
  • Cancer treatment
  • Medevac
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Mental health treatment up to US$75,000 per lifetime
  • Wellness & vaccinations
  • Complementary therapies
  • Private hospital care
  • Cancer treatment
  • Medevac
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Mental health treatment up to US$100,000 per lifetime
  • Wellness & vaccinations
  • Routine dental
  • Maternity
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Cancer critical illness benefit

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