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“How William Russell give me confidence to live anywhere in the world”

We caught up with Hamilton, a member with William Russell since 2020. Ham shares his experience of William Russell.

About Hamilton

William Russell Member - Ham

Ham needed international health insurance that covered him different countries, in different parts of the world.
The fact William Russell pay for treatment directly to the medical provider made the service really stand out.
Ham shared his story on how being covered by William Russell gives him total peace of mind.


Q1/ What was your experience of health insurance companies before you became a member of William Russell?

Having lived in Asia for many years, I had health insurance through local companies that gave me access to western medical services but did make me wonder what level of cover I would have if something serious happened. So I decided to find an international health insurance company that would cover me not just in China (where I was living at the time) but also to give me coverage when I was in other countries.

Q2/ How did you first hear about William Russell?

When I decided to get international coverage, I think I went to website of Beijing United or SOS international (which were the two major health providers in Beijing aimed at the expat market) and got a list of providers that they recommended/cooperated with. I started with a list of multiple health insurance companies.

Q3/ What made William Russell stand out from other health insurance providers?

From memory the biggest standout that drew me to William Russell in the beginning was that they offered direct payment in China.

As the cost of any treatment even for common medical conditions could be quite high, the fact that William Russell would pay for the treatment directly to the medical provider (rather than leaving me out of pocket to claim the money back) was the initial service offering that made William Russell stand out from other insurance providers.

Q4/ When you were considering becoming a member of William Russell, what features of our service and plans attracted you?

At the time I started with William Russell, I was living in China, but would spend many months of the year in other countries (mostly in Asia) but all over the world to a lesser extent.

The fact that William Russell covered me for total medical coverage sold the service to me. Prior to William Russell I would have to think about where and to what level I was covered in different countries and parts of the world.

I love the fact that I have peace of mind with William Russell that I am covered everywhere with full medical coverage no matter where I am.

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Q5/ Can you tell us a little bit about your claim and how William Russell helped?

Any dealings I have had with the staff at William Russell, I have been impressed with their helpfulness and the speed with which they have resolved any issues I have raised with them and/or reimbursed my claims.

Within minutes of calling to ask questions about coverage of medical treatment for conditions, the staff at William Russell sent a supporting email to outline what we have discussed to make sure everything is understood.

Having this level of support from the team allows me to then get the medical treatments that I am entitled to, and need at a point in time, with total confidence that I wont be left with a huge medical bill that I not covered by my policy.

Q6/ What would you tell someone who’s looking for international health insurance?

As health insurance is such an expensive part of life these days, I would always tell someone to understand what they are looking for and compare the different companies and products first.

However as per my experience, the ease of making a claim, the speed with which the money is reimbursed and the helpfulness of the staff has always made my dealings with William Russell a positive experience.

Having confidence that your health insurance company will pay on out on potential future claims is the most important reason for taking out expensive insurance policies. And for this I can recommend William Russell as my experience with them and dealings with all of the staff have always been first rate.

Q7/ Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience William Russell?

I have been a policy holder at William Russell for nearly 10 years now and I have always been very satisfied with every dealing I have had with them.

Having insurance coverage by William Russell has always, and continues, to give me complete confidence to live as an expat anywhere in the world, knowing that I am covered for any medical situation.
William Russell Member

The claims process is straightforward, the staff are friendly, helpful and always respond promptly to any question or claim. And most importantly, having insurance coverage by William Russell has always, and continues, to give me complete confidence to live as an expat anywhere in the world, knowing that I am covered for any medical situation I find myself now or in the future.

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