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“How William Russell helped when I made two major claims”

Find out how we helped when Andrew unfortunately had to claim for cervical myelopathy and then for his wife’s gastric tumor.

About Andrew

Andrew has been a member with William Russell since 2008.
Flexibility and tailored health insurance plans, along with a sympathetic and extremely helpful team are the key reasons Andrew chose William Russell.
Andrew shared his story on how he claimed for his cervical myelopathy and his wife’s gastric tumor.


Q1/ What was your experience of health insurance companies before you became a member of William Russell?

My first experience was with a well known health insurance company within a corporate scheme. Fortunately, I did not have to make many claims. But I do recall the few times I did claim, there always seemed to be questions on the receipts enclosed and it took a considerable time to settle.

Q2/ How did you first hear about William Russell?

When I changed my employer, I lost my corporate health insurance. Being an Engineer I realised there could be many more employment changes, so it was important to have my own portable personal health insurance.

A colleague at my new employer, suggested I contact William Russell.

Q3/ What made William Russell stand out from other health insurance providers?

William Russell at that time (2008) offered regional plans which suited me as I was paying for it. I considered that I did not need world-wide cover, which is what other companies were offering.

Q4/ What features of our service and plans attracted you?

Being able to tailor my plan for my specific needs – particularly choosing which zones/countries I wanted cover for.

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Q5/ Can you tell us a little bit about your claim and how William Russell helped?

I have made two major claims. The first was for myself, when I was diagnosed with a cervical myelopathy which needed complex surgery.

The surgeon in Kuala Lumpur provided a cost estimate for the treatment and the following day I had a Letter of Guarantee for the hospital which allowed me to check in.

It was an excellent service – no issues, no questions and no delays.
William Russell Member

Upon completion of the treatment, the final cost was slightly more than that in the Letter of Guarantee. I paid this myself, but within a week I was reimbursed by William Russell. It was an excellent service – no issues, no questions and no delays.

The second claim was for my wife. She was suddenly took ill and had to check in to the A&E of the Pantai Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

I was travelling at the time and she was on her own and therefore paid a guarantee with her credit card. My wife was diagnosed with a gastric tumor.

I rang William Russell that evening and was attended by Susan Kelly who was very sympathetic and helpful. A Letter of Guarantee was immediately issued to replace my wife’s credit card deposit.

Unfortunately, my wife’s tumor was later diagnosed as malignant and inoperable. Oral chemeotherapy treatment and scans followed – all promptly paid by William Russell, without any issue.

Q6/ What was it like dealing with the team at William Russell?

William Russell, and in particular Susan Kelly, have always been very sympathetic and extremely helpful.

I never had any issues with William Russell – Reimbursements/Letters of Guarantee were always prompt.

Q7/ What would you tell someone who’s looking for international health insurance?

I will always be happy to recommend William Russell.

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