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“How William Russell went above and beyond”

Chris needed surgery fast to ensure he could be fully recovered by the time his son was born. He tells us about his experience with William Russell.

About Chris

Member Stores - Chris

Chris was originally from the USA but moved to Costa Rica where he runs a sport fishing travel agency.
Chris really likes the fact William Russell have international coverage and gave him the ability to pick a plan to suit his lifestyle.
He shares his story on fixing his deviated septum in Costa Rica before his second child was born.

Q1/ What was your experience of health insurance companies before you became a member of William Russell?

Having grown up in the USA, my general impression of health insurance companies was that they were expensive, impersonal, and would do everything possible to NOT cover your claim. You become conditioned to read the fine print over time.

Q2/ How did you first hear about William Russell?

My wife and I had been living in Costa Rica for many years, where in general private healthcare is very affordable (especially compared to the USA). We finally decided that it would be wise to have health insurance before starting a family, so she researched international health insurance companies and came across many that spoke highly of William Russell.

Q3/ What made William Russell stand out from other health insurance providers?

Great service, international coverage, and the ability to pick the plan that fit our lifestyle. When we first signed up we were dating and traveling the world, then married and pregnant, and now have two beautiful boys and we have been able to pick plans that best suit our needs.

Q4/ When you were considering becoming a member of William Russell, what features of our service and plans attracted you?

We run an international travel agency, and on top of that we love to travel internationally as well. We really liked the idea that our health insurance would cover us anywhere in the world, not just in Costa Rica where our primary home is.

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Q5/ Can you tell us a little bit about your claim and how William Russell helped?

My most recent claim came under a bit of a time crunch as I wanted to fix my deviated septum before our second child was due in April 2021. I was referred to one of the most popular doctors in Costa Rica, and when I called in January they told me their first date for an initial consultation wasn’t even until March.

I got lucky with a cancellation and was able to see him a week later. His surgery calendar was just as full, so after the first appointment I jumped on the one remaining February date he had as that would give me time to fully recover before our son was born.

William Russell went above and beyond to approve my claim in record time, even calling me on my cell phone in Costa Rica to ask a few final questions they had. It was so amazing to see a big, international company not simply doing their job or abiding by corporate policy, but actually going out of their way to understand my individual situation and get my claim approved before the deadline to commit the surgery arrived.

Q6/ What was it like dealing with the team at William Russell?

For the normal things any client would go through – picking plans each year and filing claims – they are always extremely helpful and claims are always paid right away. Not once have we had to follow up and ask where our claim reimbursement is nor have we ever been given any excuse for why it is taking so long. William Russell does what they promise to do and their service is incredible.

Q7/ What would you tell someone who’s looking for international health insurance?

I have already referred several expat friends to William Russell, as well as Costa Rican friends who were looking for private insurance in their home country. The international coverage at great prices is enough to make them a great company, but their friendly service from literally everyone you interact with puts them over the top. Fantastic company.

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