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What are the maximum benefits limits for the plans?

Health plans

BronzeLite US$750,000/£500,000/€562,500

Bronze US$1,500,000/£1,000,000/€1,125,000

SilverLite US$1,500,000/£1,000,000/€1,125,000

Silver US$2,500,000/£1,666,000/€1,875,000

Gold US$5,000,000/£3,333,000/€3,750,000

Life plans

Applicants may apply for a life benefit up to 20x their current annual salary for individuals and 5x current annual salary for business employees. The maximum amount they can insure is US$2,000,000.

Income protection

Applicants may apply for annual income cover of up to 75% of their current annual salary, subject to a maximum amount of US$144,000.

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