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What is the Low Claims Discount in Hong Kong?

What is the Low Claims Discount?

The Low Claims Discount (“Discount”) is a 15% discount for members with a health insurance plan who are resident in Hong Kong?

Am I eligible for the Low Claims Discount?

There are two factors we use to determine your eligibility for the discount.

Firstly, your health plan with William Russell must have started before 01 March 2022. We’re not offering the Discount to members purchasing a health plan after this date.

Secondly, we look at the total cost of your claims since 01 January 2016 (or when your plan started, whichever is later). If the total cost of your claims is 35% or less than the total premium you’ve paid to us, then you’re eligible for the Discount.*

* A few caveats.

  • We include pending claims in this calculation. Pending claims are claims you’ve sent to us but we have not yet paid. We’ll estimate the cost of the claim as best we can.
  • We exclude cancer claims from the calculation. Cancer treatment is so expensive and necessary; it wouldn’t be fair to include it.
  • We recalculate your eligibility for the Discount at your renewal date.
  • We use the total premium you’ve paid in our calculations, net of insurance premium tax.

Is there anything else to know?

Yes, two things! Firstly, if you receive the Discount, we’ll waive your 15% co-insurance for out-patient treatment. Secondly, we calculate and apply the Discount per member, not per household or policy.