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Medical underwriting for businesses in Dubai

This page seeks to outline our group underwriting methods and the core principles that apply to each.

When we offer you cover, you will receive a detailed description of the type of underwriting our offer is based on. For full details of one or more methods, please speak to our group sales team, who will be happy to answer your questions. You can contact us here.


Full Medical Underwriting

Sometimes referred to as ‘FMU’

With this option, your employees will each need to complete a health questionnaire, and we will then advise them in writing about any endorsements which may be applied to the members cover. Pre-existing medical conditions would not be covered unless they have been declared to our underwriters within the employee application form and the underwriters have agreed to proceed without adding any exclusions or terms to the cover.

If you choose this option, employees who do have pre-existing medical conditions will know right from the start exactly which medical conditions will be excluded from cover.

Our requirements

  • Business application form
  • Employee application form (full medical declaration)

Your policy

Your William Russell plan will be shaped around the requirements of your business and will clearly state any exclusions that apply.




Medical History Disregarded

Sometimes referred to as ‘MHD’

Underwriting terms can make a big difference to your cover. If you require cover for pre-existing medical conditions and have 10 or more employees on the scheme, we can also consider offering cover with Medical History Disregarded (MHD). Subject to disclosures and acceptance by underwriting, MHD can provide cover for all pre-existing conditions including chronic conditions.

Our requirements

  • Business application form
  • Employee census
  • Business form (short medical disclosure completed by the business, not by individual members)
  • Business groups of 50+ will not be required to complete the business form mentioned above

Your policy

MHD underwriting is a good option for larger groups of employees to minimise the on-boarding process and paperwork.

The claims process experience is also generally quicker with MHD.