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Who our international health insurance covers

The right health plan for you depends on your circumstances. Are you a young professional jetting off to Hanoi for a two-year work assignment, or are you relocating your family permanently to Ho Chi Minh City? Read on to match cover to your needs.

Where you’re going and who you’re taking with you make all the difference when you’re purchasing a global health plan. The best plan for a young person leading healthy lifestyle won’t necessarily suit couples planning to start a family – so it’s worth bearing in mind for whom we design each plan.

To help you out, we’ve put together a quick guide to the different types of people who trust us with their health and well-being and the various health plans they choose.

Expat Individuals, Professionals & High net worth individuals

Are you moving abroad for a fixed-term contract or a permanent position? Or perhaps you’re already based overseas, and you’re looking for the right private health insurance plan?

Our international health insurance is excellent for ambitious, solo expats looking for a better life or exciting work opportunities abroad.

The Silver plan is a popular choice amongst our customers without partners or families, you have:

  • cover for hospital treatment
  • everyday medical costs such as doctor visits and specialist consultations
  • cover on business trips
  • holidays
  • trips home to visit family or friends

We have a range of tools and options to keep your premium low, so you can put together the right health plan for you whether you’re purchasing a plan yourself or with your employer’s help.

We also cover high net worth individuals – providing the highest level of private health insurance cover. Not only do you have cover Vietnam, but you also have cover in all countries around the world. High-net-worth individuals typically take a Gold plan with a low excess and Zone 1 as their area of cover.

Couples planning a family

Raising children abroad can be a safe, rewarding, and memorable experience. So, if you’re planning your first child or you’re planning to add to your list, the Gold plan might be right for you.

  • pre-natal and post-natal treatments, test & examinations
  • natural childbirth
  • birth by planned caesarean section
  • home birth
  • hospital accommodation costs for your newborn baby
  • standard healthcare for newborn babies (e.g. hepatitis B vaccination, physical examination)

While the Gold plan is the most expensive plan we offer because of these maternity benefits, not everyone needs to have the same plan. Only the mother needs the Gold plan to be eligible for the maternity benefits; the father and any children can have a lower-cost health plan.

Established families

If you have young children, but you’re not necessarily looking to have more, the Silver plan might be the best choice for you. No need to pay for expensive benefits such as pregnancy and childbirth and your children still have cover for routine vaccinations and developmental check-ups. Silver also comes with the option of routine dental care and complex dental care, which can be practical benefits for young children.

If you have older children, you can include them on your plan until age 18 (or age 25, if they’re in full-time education). Once your children pass the age of 25 or they leave full-time education, they’ll need to purchase a health plan in their own name if they wish to continue their cover.

We also offer discounts to families insuring two or more children.

Frequent travellers

While most of our customers are expats, you don’t have to live overseas permanently to purchase one of our health plans. Suppose you’re lucky enough to spend at least six months of the year living, travelling or working outside your country of nationality. In that case, you can usually apply to for international health insurance with us.

Purchasing an international health insurance plan can have several benefits over a travel insurance policy. You’ll have cover for:

  • emergency medical evacuations
  • everyday medical costs such as doctor visits and specialist consultations
  • medical treatment while you’re not traveling away from home

Remote workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the concept of remote working into mainstream conversations about work-life balance. Why slog away in an office in rainy London or freezing New York when you could do your job quite comfortably near a beach? We can cover you if you’re living abroad but working remotely, even if you’re hopping from place to place and you occasionally return home for business or leisure.

Over 55s

Our international health insurance is suitable for expats aged 55 and over. Perhaps you’re looking for generous cover for hospital treatment and regular trips to the doctor or pharmacy? Or perhaps you’re concerned about falling ill where the treatment you might need isn’t readily available?

Our health plans have useful benefits and tools for these requirements. We can accept new members up to and including age 75. Most importantly, once you’re on cover you can renew your plan for as long as you need it—even if your health deteriorates. We won’t stop you from renewing your plan once you reach a certain age.


Consider that you’re just starting in adult life, and you’re moving countries for your studies, work experience or a graduate placement. You’re probably not worrying about what would happen if you needed hospital treatment, or how much it would cost for an ambulance to get you to hospital.

Our plans exist to take care of those worries while you get on with your life. Private healthcare can be costly, so our Bronze and SilverLite plans are well suited to students living and studying abroad on a tight budget. We also have a range of tools you can use to reduce your premium, so you’re only paying for the cover that you need.


Whether you run a multi-national corporation or a fledgeling start-up, you likely do business in more than one country and your supply lines likely cross international borders. Perhaps you set up your company abroad, in a business-friendly zone in Vietnam, or maybe you employ several expats.

If more than 50% of your workforce are expats, we can cover your employees under a single health plan for your business. Perhaps you’re relocating staff to overseas to staff a new office or division, or perhaps you’re moving your entire business. Whatever your circumstances, we can tailor a health plan for all or just a certain category of your employees.

Membership perks

No matter which health plan you choose with William Russell, you’ll always enjoy the following membership perks:

  • 24-hour medical helpline
  • personal service
  • international cover

Notes on the health plans

You won’t find complete information for our plans on this webpage, nor the full T&Cs, limitations, and exclusions that would apply if you purchase one. You can find complete information in the plan agreement, which we suggest you read together with this webpage. All the benefits on this webpage are per member per period of cover, unless we state otherwise. We show the benefit limits in US dollars, but we can also denominate your plan in pounds sterling or Euros.


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