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Joint Marketing with William Russell

Collaborating on branding and marketing is a powerful way to reach new audiences, gain momentum, and fuel growth. We can work together in many ways for different audience segments and across different product areas. Below is a taste of ways we can collaborate during the year.

Share your testimonial or take part in a case study

We love hearing from our members about how our insurance products have helped you during working and living abroad, or simply gave you a peace of mind when you relocated to a different country. We also use written quotes in various other marketing materials, such as reports. If you are a company member, we would love to feature you in a case study. We already have some great case studies on our website, and we try to get as many of our business members’ stories featured in the press too! Quotes and testimonials, whether in written, audio or video format, are perfect for social media and we’ll always make sure to tag your business in our posts when we use them.

Collaborate with us on content and launch a campaign

We run a fully-fledged content marketing programme, including functional content, informational content, thought leadership and digital PR. We can work with you to leverage our content across your network and to your customers or readers. We also are happy to provide a expert comment on anything related to working and living abroad, based on our almost 30 years’ experience.

We can quickly build co-branded campaign assets including landing pages, banners, email templates, PDFs and application forms. We can easily deploy discounts on our online quote tool for your select customers.

Feature a tracking link on your website

We offer passive referral tracking, which is a means of identifying and attributing anonymous traffic that your website and marketing campaigns refer to our website. We set you up with a dashboard that shows customers you’ve referred to us in real time.

Working together on joint marketing

Work with us and share your story with new audiences, build brand trust, and increase your brand visibility.

Take part in one of our case studies

If you have a great story about the impact William Russell has had on your business, we’d love to hear from you. We can arrange a detailed case study, including video and audio, to feature on both our websites and marketing collateral.

Share your experience and knowledge with us

We run four webinars per year and we love when our partners participate, either as a keynote speaker or by helping to moderate a webinar.

Sharing your story can help others

We love hearing positive stories from our partners about how William Russell helps expats and international citizens. We can include your stories in our content and across our various channels. We’re also thrilled to have our partners provide comment for our thought leadership pieces.


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