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Our Medical Network

Here you can see an extract of the medical providers in our network and the billing types they accept. For further details on billing methods or to find out if we partner with a specific facility, please speak with a member of our team who will be happy to help.


Where our customers are covered

With our health plans you are free to choose where you receive eligible medical treatment within the limitations and restrictions that apply to your plan. This will vary depending on which plan type and area of cover you have.

Please refer to your plan agreement, certificate of insurance and membership card for details of what cover you are entitled to under your plan and in which countries you can receive eligible treatment.

The amount of the excess and any co-insurance that applies to your plan will affect the amount you will be required to contribute towards the cost of eligible treatment covered under your plan.


Elite plans

With the Elite plan, you are free to choose the facility where you have your medical treatment.

If you have our standard area of cover, you are covered worldwide excluding the USA. Since healthcare treatment in the USA is particularly expensive, cover for temporary trips to the USA is optional.

If you have a regional area of cover, cover outside your region is limited to emergency treatment received while on a temporary trip of not more than 90 days. We do not provide any cover in USA, Canada, any Caribbean country or island, and the London area.


Essential plans

With the Essential plan, if you are an International citizen who is not resident in one of the following restricted or excluded countries/areas, you are free to choose the facility where you receive medical treatment.

Restricted countries/areas (where treatment is limited to emergency treatment while on a temporary trip of not more than 90 days): All countries within the European Union, Andorra, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

Restricted countries/areas (where we do not provide any cover in): USA, Canada, any Caribbean country or island, and the London area.

Essential plans are not available to residents of the restricted or excluded countries/areas listed above.

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Outpatient Direct Billing Accepted
From 2018 we are offering direct billing, a service whereby customers can receive eligible out-patient treatment up to US$500 at a hospital or medical facility and the costs will be billed and settled directly between us and the medical provider. If the cost of your treatment is greater than US$500, the direct billing medical services provider will contact us for preauthorisation of the treatment. Please refer to your plan agreement for full details of this service. Outpatient Direct Billing is an optional service, if selected, your entitlement to this service will be shown on your certificate of insurance and membership card.
Day-Case and In-Patient Treatment - Guarantee of Payment Required
Guarantee of Payment is a service whereby we would contact the hospital and arrange to guarantee the payment of services, this means we can settle costs for eligible treatment directly with the medical provider.
Where Direct billing arrangements do not exist with a medical provider and/or they will not accept our guarantee of Payment, you will have to pay costs to the hospital and complete our claim form for reimbursement.

Medical providers listed with this pink symbol, please read the description against the medical provider listed below.

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