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Looking for ways to beat the rate rise?

Premiums for international health insurance will rise again in 2018, a consequence of increasing healthcare costs globally. It might be a fact of life expats have to live with, but there are still significant savings to be made by carrying through a policy into 2018 at current rates.

According to research by PwC medical costs in 2018 will grow at a faster rate than in 2017 – with an inflation rate of 6.5% expected. A number of factors are steadily pushing up the price of health care – and by extension health insurance.

1. The cost of recruiting and retaining medical professionals is going up.

Particularly in those countries that rely on expatriate medical workers (such as Singapore and Dubai) medical providers have to compete in an increasingly competitive market to sustain current levels of healthcare service.

2. Insurers are having to take on more rise

In selected regions, regulation changes mean that the cost of providing the same level of service are increasing. In Dubai, for example, new regulations requiring mandatory health insurance are driving up premiums.

3. Demand is higher than ever

Health insurance is no longer an emergency resource only. Certain lifestyle phenomena – such as the global increase in diabetes and high blood pressure mean that we’re increasingly likely to seek medical care to diagnose, treat or manage long-term conditions.

When in doubt, take action

There’s still a very simple way to arrange your affordable health cover for 2018 and beat the rate rise, by taking your policy out before December 31st. Because of our commitment to fair, transparent pricing with no hidden extras – once you’ve received your quote for individual, family, or group health cover, that’s what you’ll pay to protect your health and wellbeing for the year ahead.

We offer a range of plans for international living, covering you for a range of situations. Each plan offers access to hospitals worldwide, prompt payments made directly to the healthcare provider and cover for long-term conditions. See our range of health insurance plans by clicking on the link below.

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