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Modern Slavery Act

Statement on behalf of William Russell in the UK up to the end of the financial year, 31 December 2022.


William Russell [henceforth referred to as “we” and “our”] is provider of international health, life, and income protection insurance. We’re committed to acting with corporate responsibility and supporting fundamental human rights. We recognise our part in combatting all forms of forced labour, slavery, and human trafficking.

Corporate structure

William Russell in the UK conducts its business operations through a single company, William Russel Ltd. In the European Economic Area, William Russell conducts its business operations through a wholly-owned subsidiary company, William Russell Europe SRL. This statement is made on behalf of both companies.

Employment practices

We are committed to treating all our employees with respect, protecting their human rights, dignity, and security in the workplace. We maintain and implement a range of policies and safeguards to ensure that we treat our employees fairly and that our employees have the opportunity to raise any grievances or concerns, and have them investigated impartially. When we recruit, we work only with reputable agencies and we conduct rigorous pre-employment checks. We operate compensation and benefits processes which ensure that we review the salaries we pay annually. We also benchmark these salaries against the wider market. We specify the employment benefits and rights available to our staff in their handbook, and our Human Resources Team is available to advise all employees and address any concerns that they may have concerning their employment.

Supply chain

Where we purchase goods or services, we expect a high level of ethical conduct from our suppliers. We operates a rigorous supplier management process, which involves risk-assessing our proposed suppliers, conducting proportionate due diligence in relation to them, ensuring that contracts which include all the terms we require are entered into by them, and conducting appropriate monitoring and audit during the ongoing relationship with the supplier. Our supplier risk assessment processes include a third party ESG evaluation process, which includes elements of labour practices, for key suppliers.