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How we calculate the premium for your health plan

We’re always working to make our premiums fair and sustainable for our members, but this objective has taken on greater importance as the cost of private healthcare around the world rises. The world is changing fast, and factors around the world are driving up the cost of healthcare:

Healthcare inflation

The cost of healthcare tends to increase at a faster rate than general inflation

Increased demand

It’s easier than ever to access high-quality private healthcare

Cancer prevalence

Cancer is becoming more prevalent among populations, and its treatment can be very costly

Nextgen drug therapies

There are exciting advances in the field of medical technology, which happily are improving healthcare outcomes, but these are extremely expensive

This healthcare inflation is driving up premiums from all insurance providers; for our part, we’re doing everything we can to spread the inflation fairly. Below, you can find out some information about how we calculate our premiums and what you can expect from William Russell if you choose to become a member.

We calculate your premium according to your age

Your age is the most important factor when we calculate your premium. For all of our health plans, each age has a specific premium value. This won’t be the premium you see on your quote documents or renewal invitation: there are many other factors that affect your premium (e.g. where you live, which excess you select). Our pricing model is highly sophisticated, but as a rule of thumb the older you are the higher your premium will be.

Premiums change each year

Given we calculate your premium according to your age, your premium will increase each year. Unfortunately, this is an inescapable feature of health insurance plans. As we age, we’re more likely to need healthcare. But we do our best to keep the increase between ages as smooth as possible. There are factors unrelated to age that affect your premium year-on-year (e.g. healthcare inflation, increased demand).

Different premiums for different plans

It goes without saying plans with more comprehensive benefits and features cost more.

Different premiums for different countries

The cost of hospital treatment for a particular medical condition varies wildly between countries (and even within countries). For this reason, your premium is affected by your country of residence. Private healthcare in Africa and the Indian Subcontinent, for example, is relatively inexpensive, so members living in these regions can expect lower premiums. The opposite is true for cities like Singapore or Hong Kong, where the cost of private healthcare is high.

Making a claim doesn’t affect your renewal premium

You can renew your health plan each year regardless of the number of claims you make or the value of those claims. What’s more, any claims you make will not affect your renewal premium.