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Mauve Group’s story

For 20 years, Mauve Group has trusted William Russell to deliver group international health insurance to its global workforce. What does it take to keep an international partnership going for so long?

This page is part of our member story series, where corporate partners share their reasons for trusting William Russell to deliver international health insurance for their employees. You can learn more about their experience of William Russell and the service you can expect from us if you decide to become a member.

Mauve Group

Mauve Group is a consultancy providing employer of record and other HR and payroll services to businesses based around the world. They are the experts in many fields, from global business expansion to international contract solutions and visas and immigration.

Founded in 1996, Mauve continues to excel as a business. And, like William Russell, they are proud to still be family-owned – no small feat in this day and age!

Why Mauve chose William Russell for group international health insurance

A partnership that stretches across time and space

For over 20 years, Mauve Group has chosen William Russell as its preferred supplier of group international health insurance.

William Russell supplies Mauve Group with easy to implement, flexible healthcare plans that cover its entire workforce. Our plans ensure Mauve employees are protected no matter which country they travel to or work in.

Health insurance from William Russell allows Mauve Group employees to receive treatment for minor or major illnesses, delivered in either a regional healthcare centre of excellence or in the employee’s home country. Our healthcare plans even include treatments for pre-existing conditions.

Working with a single supplier, Mauve say, has helped them to provide fair and even coverage to all their employees, based all over the world.

“Working with William Russell has meant we can offer a competitive and broad coverage to our global workers, without needing to seek out individual policies for each location. This also ensures we can offer reasonable rates to our clients and workers, boosting the value for money of our overall solution packages.”
Ann Ellis
CEO at Mauve Group

Added value derived through flexible global insurance

One of the many advantages of our partnership with Mauve Group is the impact on the bottom line. By working with a single insurance supplier capable of providing the same high level of service in every country, Mauve Group is able to reduce expenditure by consolidating all insurance requirements into a single account.

“William Russell makes a big difference to our organisation in terms of efficiency and value. Our sales support team have an excellent rapport with their counterparts at William Russell, and our workers are consistently impressed by the level of coverage and speed of assistance.”
Lynn Tarrier
Sales Support Manager at Mauve Group

How easy is it for Mauve Group employees to use their insurance benefits?

When it comes to helping clients take advantage of their insurance, William Russell proudly offers a fast and comprehensive approach.

  • 24/7 helpline. Our helpline is open 24/7 and connects clients directly to a William Russell account manager – you’ll never go through a call centre. Taking advantage of our global network of clinics and hospitals, your case worker will help to connect you with the nearest high-quality healthcare provider.
  • Communication. Your account manager will continue to communicate with you over the course of your treatment, guiding you through the process and ensuring you’re made aware of your entitlements.
  • Claim online. When it comes to claiming, individuals can do this quickly and easily online. If a course of treatment requires an in-patient stay, we’ll communicate directly with the hospital so that the member isn’t left with any outstanding bills.

And, in exceptional circumstances, we can also help to arrange a medical evacuation on our client’s behalf.

What do Mauve Group say about their relationship with William Russell?

Working with William Russell has helped Mauve Group protect its employees while delivering its expertise around the world.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, Mauve’s standout attributes are its global coverage, its expert knowledge and its longevity,” Ann explains. “We hold all our supplier partnerships to the same standard, and that is why we have worked with William Russell for so many years.

With worldwide expertise, exceptional customer service and comprehensive insurance products available at competitive prices, William Russell has been a proud supplier to Mauve Group for 20 years – and we look forward to many more years to come.

“William Russell helps us to deliver the service levels we pride ourselves on, guaranteeing the utmost localised security to our global employer of record workers. Working with a well-regarded organisation like William Russell helps our clients to understand we are providing a collective safe pair of hands to protect workers worldwide.”
Ann Ellis
CEO at Mauve Group

Could William Russell protect your global workforce?

With three decades of expertise providing health insurance to expatriates in over 140 countries, William Russell knows what it takes to protect your global workforce. Discover more about our international health insurance and how it could benefit your business by speaking to us today.