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Travel assistance

Stay safe with the help of our smartphone app

Our health insurance gives members free access to Solace Secure, a smartphone app with the following features:

  • Near real-time alerts for civil unrest, natural disasters and security incidents
  • Access to the 24/7 Solace Advice Helpline
  • Country intelligence reports
Benefits of the Solace Secure app

Keep on top of goings-on where you live & work

  • Security alerts – push notifications on your smartphone for civil unrest, conflict, terrorism and natural disasters near you
  • 24/7 security advice helpline – call the helpline day and night for advice on incidents and unrest unfolding around you
  • Country intelligence reports – detailed information on each country, including executive summaries, threats, risk assessment and recent alerts
  • Special interest reports – details analysis of recent and historic incidents, with guides on how to take care of you and your family abroad

How do members register for the app?

Health insurance with William Russell gives members complementary access to the Solace Secure app for their Apple or Android smartphones. Members need simply register their interest in the app, and an advisor from our member experience team will help them access the app.

Step 1

Register for the app

Step 2

We'll send you login details

Step 3

Sign in on a browser and download the app

Frequently asked questions

Yes. The travel assistance app is completely complementary. It’s available to all members with a health insurance plan.

You should direct your clients to our travel assistance webpage. From there, members can register for the app. We’ll receive their registration and set them up with access.

No. The travel assistance app is useful for members worldwide.

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