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Our story

Founded by Inez and James Cooper in 1992, William Russell has grown over the last 29 years from a family-run business to a leading provider of international health, life and income protection insurance. We now have members in more than 160 countries. We offer a range of plans that you can take with you as you move, renewing easily each year.

William Russell is your partner for expat insurance in Indonesia

Our members trust us to deliver straightforward and affordable plans that cover their health, well-being and financial security, wherever they are. Plans that mean you’ll never have to let the unexpected stop you from following your dream. You likely already know that the expat journey follows the road less taken; but it’s a path you need not take alone.

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Health insurance

Our health plans are designed for expats in Indonesia, with different levels of cover to suit your budget. We work with hospitals and doctors in Indonesia, Southeast Asia and across the world to offer you the best possible service.

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Life insurance

Getting the right life insurance cover can be difficult in Indonesia, especially if you are not a permanent resident or naturalised citizen. With our life plans, you can also renew annually without fuss.

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Income protection

Financial security matters, regardless of where you’re living. With our income protection plan, you can receive a regular income benefit if you become unable to work due to an illness or injury. This way, you can protect the lifestyle of your family in Indonesia.