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William Russell

Expat insurance
since 1992

By putting our members at the heart of everything we do, we’re building an expat insurance experience that’s both personal and fair. That’s why we’re the partner of choice for people living & working abroad.

About our plans

We provide insurance plans for people living and working abroad. We cover expats, individuals, professionals, families, remote workers, digital nomads, frequent travellers, startups, small and medium-sized businesses, large corporates, charities, and governmental organisations.

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Expat Health Insurance

Starting from

US$ 88 /month1

Access to the best hospitals and doctors, wherever you're living and working. Our plans come with hospital treatment, cancer treatment and emergency medical evacuation as standard.

Expat Life Insurance

Starting from

US$ 39 /month2

Insure your life up to US$2m while you're living overseas. Our plans provide international cover, with early payment for terminal illness diagnoses and the option for accident cover.

Expat Income Protection

Starting from

US$ 80 /month3

Secure a replacement income if injury or illness prevents you from working while you're living abroad. You decide the amount of cover that is right for you. Plus, you'll get our trademark service.

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What our members are saying

Expats around the world have relied on us for their health and financial security since 1992. From emergency medical evacuations to replacement incomes, we're the original partner for expats. Check our member reviews.

Hands down the best International Health Insurance on the market. Fair premiums, amazing customer service and the fastest claim handling. Would recommend to any expat looking for an insurance.

Member with William Russell
June, 2021

I have used William Russell for my overseas medical insurance on and off for about 6 years and always found the staff to be very friendly, helpful and always quick with any response.

Martin Clark, Member
November, 2020

Service and attention to detail has always been 1st class. During my illness in early 2020 nothing was too difficult and was always handled with due care and attention to detail.

Graham Allen, Member
November, 2020

Couldn't be happier with the service and support I got from William Russell. They made my application for Insurance a breeze and nothing was too much trouble.

Member with William Russell
May, 2021

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Our expat health insurance plans start only from US$88 per member per month.1 You can get a quick quote online in under 60 seconds, and we can have your insurance plan active within 48 hours.

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Who we cover

We provide expat insurance to people of all nationalities living and working abroad. We cover expat professionals, remote workers and expat families, and we also cover expat employees of international businesses.


Professionals, remote workers, high-net-worth individuals, students, and frequent travellers for work or leisure.

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Expat couples planning a family or expats families with children already.

Learn More Illustration of a man and a woman standing on either side of their babies' cot, watching the baby sleep next to their teddy bear


Startups, SMEs, large corporates, charities, schools, governmental organisations, overseas branches.

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William Russell is not a person; it’s a team of people. When Inez Cooper founded William Russell in 1992, she gave the company a man’s name because, then, insurance was a man’s world. Things are changing, but William Russell remains a special case. We’re proud to say we’re a female-powered organisation.

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No, William Russell provides insurance on behalf of the Allianz group. We design the insurance plans in partnership with the Allianz group, but our team are solely responsible for your member experience and the tech that powers it, helping you access doctors and hospitals, paying your claims.

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We provide insurance to people of all nationalities living and working around the world. Most of our members live in the Far East, Middle East and East Africa, but we provide insurance across South America, Europe, and Asia. The only places where we cannot provide insurance is when you’re living in the USA or Switzerland.

Where do I have cover?

An expat (short for “expatriate”) is simply someone who lives outside their native country (the country they were born in). They may be temporarily or permanently living there for a variety of reasons including work or retirement.

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We're discounting our expat health plans

We're discounting the premiums by 15% when you purchase a new expat health insurance plan commencing on or before 31 December 2023.

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Why choose
William Russell?

We're a little different from other expat insurance providers. We don't have call centres. You always speak to someone at William Russell. We have more people per member than anyone else.4 And we're independently owned and run: we don't answer to shareholders, investors or private equity.

30-day money back guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with your insurance plan, we'll refund you in full if you cancel within 30 days.

We assess your claim within 5 days

We always aim to consider your claim within 5 working days.

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Plans insured by the Allianz Group

When you buy a plan with us, you're insured with a company in the largest financial services group in the world.

Secure technology

We take your personal data very seriously. Our systems and practices have ISO 27001 certification and we're GDPR compliant.

Regulated by the FCA & FSMA

We're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and the Financial Services & Markets Authority in Belgium.

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1. For a 25-year-old living in Vietnam, purchasing a Bronze plan with the standard excess. 2. For a 25-year-old living in China, purchasing a life benefit of US$500,000. 3. For a 25-year-old living in France, purchasing an income benefit of US$50,000 with a 6-month deferment period. 4. Based on LinkedIn data, February 2021.