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Global Plans broker incentive



  • This campaign will run from April 1st 2017 – June 30th 2017.
  • Global Plans reserves the right to amend or suspend the campaign at any time.



  • A participating broker consultant must reach a threshold of US$30,000 in premium value to qualify for ONE throw of a dart.
  • If a broker consultant places a single piece of business over US$30,000 they will still only qualify for ONE throw of a dart.
  • Once a broker reaches the threshold and has had their ONE throw, they begin the process again, starting from US$0. This means that for example if a broker places business of US$60,000, followed by business of US$5,000, they have one throw of the dart to pick a prize, but then need to bring in business worth US$25,000 or more to qualify for their next throw.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Business Development team has the final authority on who qualifies for participation in this scheme.


Dartboard and throw


  • The dartboard will be provided by the Business Development team and physically taken to the brokerage for the scheme.
  • Once erected, the broker consultant taking part will stand the approximate distance of a regulation dart throw (just over 7”), to be enforced by the Sales team. As the dartboard is magnetic, if this distance is too far, the Business Development team are to determine an appropriate distance on the day for the darts to “stick”.
  • The broker consultant will be entitled to ONE warm-up throw before they take their official throw.
  • The official throw is FINAL and will determine what prize category can be picked.




  • The dartboard has 9 sections (8 rings and a bullseye) – these correspond to the value of prize to be won with each ring representing a multiple of US$10 in terms of prize value.
  • That means that hitting the “10” ring would equate to a US$100 prize, the “50” ring equating to a US$500 prize and the bullseye (taken as 90) being a US$900 prize.
  • If a throw lands between two sections, the thrower has a choice:

○ Take their shot again (this can be repeated unlimited times if the dart lands between two sections).

○ Take the lower prize e.g. falls between 30 and 40, take the 30 equating to a $300 prize.

  • Once a broker has thrown their dart and it has landed on a section, they then are able to choose between three categories of prize: Leisure, Sport and Business.
  • These categories will be represented by three different envelopes containing details of the prize.
  • If the prizes selected are not available or cannot be fulfilled for whatever reason, Global Plans reserves the right to select an alternative prize of a similar value.



  • Prizes will be fulfilled on an ad-hoc basis once the dart has been thrown, by the Business Development team.
  • If the prizes selected are not available or cannot be fulfilled for whatever reason, Global Plans reserves the right to select an alternative prize of a similar value.
  • Prizes are non-refundable, non-returnable and Global Plans holds no liability/responsibility for how the prize is used/it’s quality.