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How much does medical treatment cost away from home?

Could you afford any of the examples below if you did not have international health, life or income protection in place?

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Is rabies still a risk in Southeast Asia?

If you’re in a region at risk from rabies, here’s what you need to know about rabies and precautions to take.

Is the health risk from air pollution increasing?

As concern grows over high levels of air pollution globally, is the impact on health from air pollution in Southeast Asia worse than ever?

Female nurse discussing medical chart with bald cancer patient in waiting room

Cancer care for expats living abroad

A cancer diagnosis can come at any stage in life and if you’re living abroad you’ll want to know what help is available

vegetables at the market shot from above

Diabetes: Healthy eating tips for expats living abroad

As the number of people affected by diabetes globally is set to rise by 227 million over the next 20 years, find out how you can stay healthy by reading these tips.

Drugs, China and the Curious Case of Hong Kong's Dragon Pharmacy

Are superbugs developing in Southeast Asia?

Superbugs may be on the rise, but by taking the right steps you and your family can avoid the risks.


Expat healthcare in Malaysia

An introduction to expat life and health in Malaysia

Sunset elephant

Top 10 reasons to become an expat

Deciding to embark on life in a new country can be a difficult choice, but there are plenty of reasons to become an expat and potential benefits for your health.

Running city

The growing wellness trend in Dubai

Dubai is set to become the home of world’s largest wellness development, but why?

How expats access local healthcare

When arranging expat healthcare, understanding the impact of local regulations for you and your family will prove vital for both peace of mind and your bank balance.


Five tips for driving safely in Thailand

Thailand can be a wonderful place to live, with good infrastructure, modern comforts and some of the most beautiful sites in Southeast Asia. However, it sorely lacks in one area: road safety.

The high cost of maternity care for expats

For new parent expats that reside outside of countries with free healthcare systems, the cost of pregnancy and giving birth abroad can be startlingly high. Welcoming a newborn into the family is an incredibly exciting time. However, for new parents that reside outside of countries with free healthcare systems, such as the NHS in the … Continued

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