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Brexit and beyond for William Russell

Business as usual

We are a 25-year-old UK company, with products backed by a global insurance partner, Allianz, and we trade across the world.

With Allianz’s global reach our products are backed by a partner with a strong standing. We are planning for both hard and soft outcomes of Brexit and we will be able to effect a seamless transition into the new order of business, whatever the details of the outcome.

We’ve supported our customers, partners and employees since 1992, through a number of economically significant events – from the 2008 global financial crisis, and the subsequent eurozone debt crisis, and we are constantly evolving with the changing global demographic, digital landscape and changing demand from our customers, brokers and partners.

Business as usual

There are a number of options open to us which we can effect quickly, once we know what the outcome of the Brexit negotiations will be. Whatever that outcome is, we are confident that we will continue to be able to provide our customers and brokers with first class insurance products and the outstanding service that we have built our reputation on.

We are committed to supporting all our customers and brokers and indeed, we have strong growth ambitions over the next 25 years, which include launching in new regions, new products and to new audiences.

Brexit: what we know

The UK is set to leave the EU on the 29 March 2019 at 23:00, but the impact on business remains largely uncertain as negotiations on the end-state relationship with the EU unfold.

The Article 50 process sets out a two-year time period for the UK’s exit from the EU but does not specify the nature of the relationship at the end of this period. The EU has stated that they will not discuss the future relationship until sufficient progress has been made on exit terms.

The EU has set a target date of October 2018 for any agreement to be presented to the EU parliament and national governments for approval, but media coverage suggests that parts of the negotiation will go down to the wire.

Best interests of our customers

William Russell and Allianz are keeping a close eye on negotiations; “We will continue to evaluate the situation and will take whatever decisions are appropriate in the best interests of our customers, partners and employees” says Inez Cooper, Managing Director, William Russell Ltd.