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Top 10 reasons to become an expat

Deciding to embark on life in a new country can be a difficult choice, but there are plenty of reasons to become an expat and potential benefits for your health.

Top 10 reasons to become an expat becoming an expat is obviously not a simple choice, and the decision must only be made after plenty of deliberation and thought. Listed below are 10 reasons why becoming an expat could actually be an amazing choice.

Top 10 reasons to become an expat Beach sunset


1.Those horizons. Broadened.

Life’s for living, and if you’re able to get out there and discover new places geographically you’re going to find that your life could change for the better. Broadening your horizons means that your life becomes richer and more developed. You’ll see new cultures, new ways of life. And that’s one of the main joys of becoming an expat.


2. Get busy

You’ll find moving abroad to be more challenging (at least in the first year) than you might have expected. There will be new aspects of language to learn, new customs, and perhaps even a new way of living your life. This makes you busier but with new challenges that can provide a new lease of life, rather than added stress.

Top 10 reasons to become an expat beach life

3. Things could be cheaper

Life could be a lot cheaper in a new country. The cost of living is often a great reason to move abroad. Expats often find that their money goes further abroad, especially if they have plenty of cash to take with them in the form of savings. Having additional disposable income can mean more resources for valuable experiences and adventures.

4. New kinds of food

The sheer adventure that is a new cuisine really does make for a fantastic experience. You’ll discover new spices, dishes and even a new way of managing your diet. It’s all exciting, and many people who become expats mention the new food they experience to be both interesting and provide health benefits.


5. Education

Many expats take their children abroad for better education prospects. There are some excellent countries in the globe that offer superb education potential for your children. Knowing children are in high-quality education is a great source of peace of mind.

6. Employment

Moving abroad can mean that you get better employment. Many countries have a growing economy, which can mean that you gain a better position, or just a different one that makes life a little more enjoyable.

Canoeing as an expat William Russell

7. The language

As part of your new experience, you will get a chance to learn a new language. This may cause a few problems initially, but once you get the hang of the basics, you’ll find that you really enjoy learning the new language. It’s another skill for you to have, and it will bring you lots of enjoyment as you get to know new people through the new language.

8. Relax

You will find that the hard work it takes to become an expat, including sorting out visas and other paperwork, will mean that you generally have to let yourself get sucked into a large machine. This is the perfect point to let go and let the wider world take over. Becoming an expat can actually relax you as you realise that you can’t control everything, but just have to let a new way of life take over. It’s quite liberating.

William Russell Culture as an expat

9. Confidence

You will become more confident if you become an expat. Taking care of the huge job that is moving to another country successfully, finding employment and making a new life will make you feel like you can take on anything. It’s an exciting time, and you’ll feel stronger and more independent for it.

10. Losing your attachment to things

Whether you travel light or heavy, you will be forced to get rid of some belongings when you move, or at least leave them behind. This is liberating in itself, and is one of the key reasons why so many people change for the better when they move.

You will lose your attachment to things, and become more aware of people and what they can offer you.

Blogs | Expat Stories

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