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Blogs | Information Security Guide

Staying safe on social media

We have recently partnered with The Defence Works, an award-winning provider of GCHQ-accredited security awareness training to create a series of guides to share best practices when it comes to keeping personal data, safe. Find out more below…

It’s a daily habit for millions of people.

Staying safe on social media you settle on the sofa to post photos of a recent dinner on social media, and tag friends and the restaurant you went to. You also ‘like’ some news and shopping posts and fill in a quiz that suggests what kind of celebrity you’d be.

Yet the personal data you’ve just shared can be used to build a profile about you and your life.

It can give insights into your spending habits, income, if you’re in a relationship, political beliefs, favourite shops and how you’re feeling at that given moment.

For example, putting a ‘sad face’ next to a post about refugees could reveal a willingness to give to charity.

Staying safe on social media & Keeping you safe

William Russell staying safe on social icon  Only friend or accept friend requests from people who you want to share information with.

Expat Insurance staying safe on social icon  Consider what level of information you want to share in your public profile vs. the profile that your connections will see. This can usually be done in the social media applications’ settings.

William Russell Income protection  Consider what you post on social media e.g. posting that you are away on holiday for a fortnight also lets people know that your home is probably empty for that period of time.

William Russell International Insurance  Find out what apps are linked to your social media accounts and what info they’re accessing, e.g. photos, your location, calendar, camera. You can do this by opening up app ‘settings’ on your device and then choose to delete or keep the apps you’re       happy with.

William Russell Accident Benefit Icon  You can also alter the types of adverts you receive on social media and decide if you want your debit or credit card details stored too.

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Keeping customer’s information secure

To find out more about the guides and top tips for keeping your information safe click on the articles below

William Russell Digital Safety Tips  General digital safety tips

William Russell password Safety  How to set a good password

William Russell expat specialist  How to avoid email, phone and text scams

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William Russell in partnership with The Defence Works

Blogs | Information Security Guide

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