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Blogs | Information Security Guide

William Russell Digital safety tips

We have recently partnered with The Defence Works, an award-winning provider of GCHQ-accredited security awareness training to create a series of guides to share best practices when it comes to keeping personal data, safe. Find out more below…

General best practice tips for keeping your data safe with William Russell digital safety:

William Russell Accident Benefit Have an up to date subscription to good antivirus software

William Russell Accident Benefit Apply patches/ updates from your operating system provider/ firewall as soon as they are released and consider setting your updates to auto update – this ensures that the most recent security updates are applied to your laptop/ PC

William Russell Accident Benefit Be cautious when you receive emails you don’t know who they are from

William Russell Accident Benefit Check the ‘from’ address in emails – if it doesn’t look right, be cautious about any action it asks you to take

William Russell Accident Benefit Never open email attachments or click on links from senders you don’t know or trust

William Russell Accident Benefit Be cautious connecting to public Wifi

William Russell Accident Benefit Disconnect from the internet immediately if you think you’ve been compromised

William Russell Accident Benefit Never use a USB device from a source you don’t know or trust

Read more at ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/online/

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Keeping customer’s information secure

To find out more about the guides and top tips for keeping your information safe click on the articles below and keep up to date with William Russell Digital safety.

William Russell Accident Benefit  How to set a good password

William Russell Accident Benefit  How to avoid email, phone and text scams

William Russell Accident Benefit  Staying safe on social media

William Russell in partnership with The Defence Works

Blogs | Information Security Guide

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