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Can you have a healthy Chinese new year?

How do the Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year, and is the event physically or mentally beneficial?

Often considered the most important day of the year in China, the Lunar New Year the question is can you be  healthy Chinese new year, this requires much preparation.

In terms of your health, the mental benefits are certainly more obvious than the physical, but here are some examples of how you can embrace the event in a way that helps both.

Chinese New Year expat insurance

Start as you mean to go on

The holiday period is seen as the traditional time to settle any grievances with family. This could include any arguments, long-standing grudges, or even financial matters in an attempt to begin the New Year with a clean slate.

The same goes for your home; the days before the New Year is the time to sweep your home, and clear away your worries. However, using your broom in the first few days after the New Year is said to wipe out any good luck.

This is just one of a wide range of traditions that are seen as lucky over the holiday season. Homes are decorated with red and gold banners, while red envelopes filled with money are presented to children and the elderly, as well as to single adults.

As the colour red is considered to be lucky, wrapping money in red envelopes is expected to bestow more happiness and blessings on the receivers.

TIP: Given the significance of the red envelope, it is considered a faux-pas to open it in front of the person who gives it to you.

Colorful Chinese knot decorations William Russell
Chinese knot can be used in the occasions of Chinese New Year, Holiday wedding, Celebration to express good token for love, luck, happy, unite, friendship, reunion, and prosperities.

Can you stay healthy?

This year is the year of the rooster, and people born in this zodiac year are considered to have many positive traits, such as being honest, bright, communicative and ambitious.

It is also a year associated with being healthy, sporty and self-assured.

With food carrying such a vital role in Chinese New Year celebrations, you could enjoy a healthy feast. Fruit is considered to be one of the 7 ‘lucky’ foods, associated with fullness and wealth, while fish symbolises an increase in prosperity.

However, be careful how you eat the fish. The head should be placed in the direction of distinguished or older guests, as a mark of respect – and these guests should eat first.

Happy Chinese New Year!

If you require expat insurance for china or would like a quote get in touch around this special time make sure your covered.

Blogs | Health

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