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Best Insurance For Working Abroad: Secure Your Global Career

Discover the best insurance for working abroad in our new post.

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The History Of Insurance: When Did Insurance Start?

Insurance is a huge global industry, but where did it all start? We take a look at the history of insurance.

Malawi: How To Secure Health Insurance As An Expat (or Local)

This guide walks you through how to get health insurance in Malawi and what you should know about their healthcare system.

Health Insurance In Kenya: How To Get It (For Expats And Locals)

What is Kenyan healthcare like? We look at why many opt for international health insurance and how to get it.

Why Do Insurance Companies Have Bad Reputations?

We look at reasons why insurance companies have a bad reputation and how to find a company you can trust.

Health Insurance In Mexico For US Citizens: How To Get Coverage

Discover how to get health insurance in Mexico for US citizens in this guide.

Health Insurance In Mauritius: How To Get Covered

We look at how to get coverage with global private medical insurance in Mauritius.

International Group Life Insurance: How To Get Started

Find out everything you need to know about international group life insurance.

What Is Our Approach To Good Customer Service?

Find out some of the things we do differently which contribute to our award-winning customer experience.

Why Do Insurance Companies Not Pay Claims?

We look at different types of claims and reasons why your health insurance wouldn’t pay out.

What Causes Health Insurance Premiums To Increase?

We explore the factors that cause health insurance premiums to increase – and those that don’t.

The Cost Of Living In South Africa For Expats

We explore how much it costs to live in South Africa for expats and digital nomads.

How To Get Health Insurance For Expats In Botswana

Here’s all you need to know about expat health insurance in Botswana.

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