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Introducing Our Health Insurance Quote Tool

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new online quote tool, which is now live in production and ready for quoting!

Design & Build

The quote tool was designed and developed entirely in-house. We assembled an agile product team from across the business, involving members from the tech, policy services, marketing, and web teams. The result? A multi-audience, comprehensive, high-performance quote tool, deployed iteratively through Microsoft’s new Power Apps Portal platform. We’re confident that we’ve created an excellent online quoting experience!

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Comprehensive Quote

Users can generate accurate quotes for our full range of international health insurance plans for individuals and families. That includes all currencies, areas of cover, payment frequencies, optional benefits, and optional plans.

We’re launching quoting capabilities for Hong Kong and the UAE shortly, along with quoting capabilities for the international life & income protection plans for individuals.

Our digital transformation roadmap is really exciting: we’re re-inventing our tech capabilities with the member experience at the heart of it all. The new quote tool is the first of many public releases we have planned. Our goal is to empower our members with refreshingly simple and intuitive tools that enable them to access the information they need, when they need it.
Avin Talabani

User-Friendly Journey

We’ve built a quote experience unlike any other in our sector. That’s not because we think other companies have done it wrong. We’ve simply gone back to the drawing board, taken learnings from other industries, and imagined things from the customer’s perspective. This re-imagining process led to several intriguing features, which together combine in a pleasing and intuitive user experience: –

  • We’re collecting no more data than we need to provide a quote. For example, we require only the user’s age, not the full date of birth, and we only require the user’s first name. Not only does this save time for the user, but it also means we’re only storing the data we need on our Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM).
  • Purchasing health insurance can be confusing – we’ve made it simpler! We cannot expect all users to understand what we mean by excess, co-pay, and other insurance jargon. We’ve built a guided journey with informative pop-ups to help explain what we mean by specific terms. All text throughout the quote journey is written in a conversational, accessible, and friendly tone.
  • We’ve created a new benefit filter tool. Users may not know precisely what level of cover they need; they just know they need a health insurance plan. We want to help these users come to an informed decision about their health insurance. With our new quote tool, users can select the benefits or treatment types that interest them, and we’ll show only those plans that meet the user’s criteria.
  • We’ve built a menu into the quote tool header. Users can always access helpful links and documents relating to the health plans.
  • Retrieving a quote is simple. Users can easily retrieve their quotes by entering their quote ID and email address.
  • Quick currency change. Users can preview prices for health plans and instantly change their currency at the click of a button.

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BrokerLink is a useful feature of our online quote tool. It ensures that online quotes are attributed to the referring broker. Our CRM handles the attribution accurately and in real-time. It’s a way to ensure that your brokerage receives full commission on every sale that you refer to us.

We’ll be in touch with brokers shortly about supplying unique broker links.

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User Friendly on Mobile & Tablet

We designed the quote tool with a Mobile-First perspective. That’s not just because we expect the bulk of our web traffic to come via mobile devices over the next 3 years. It also helps enforce a strict economy on UI design, encourages neat and snappy text, and removes all that noise and distraction that we’re used to on cumbersome old quote tools designed for desktop experiences.

Rigorous Logic

There’s nothing worse than selecting a product online, only to find that you cannot purchase the product because it’s not available or you’re not eligible. We’ve applied rigorous logic to the quote tool to make sure that this never happens. The data users input in the country of residence and age fields determines the available plans and plan options.

For example, SilverLite will not appear for the user if the user has selected a country of residence where SilverLite is not available. Similarly, the optional dental benefits will not be visible if the user has selected a Bronze plan.

Popular Default Options

When designing online quote tools, the designer must decide the default selections for the plans. Of course, it’s always tempting to default to the cheapest plan with the highest excesses. But, while this might show an attractive price off the back, it’s not necessarily realistic or fair for the user. We’ve taken a different approach. Our pricing engine always defaults to the most popular selection (e.g. US dollars, US$250 per annum excess). This gives a happy compromise between an attractive price and a fair quote for the user.


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