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Which Countries Have The Worst Healthcare In The World In 2022?

We explore how countries compare for different aspects of healthcare and reveal the worst.

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Work-life Balance When Working From Home In 2022

Work-life balance is always important, but it’s vital if you work from home. Find out how to find the right balance.

Guide On Vaccinations For Expat Children

Read our guide to children vaccination abroad and how to keep your new-born safe during 2022.

Expats Mental Health: How To Get Mental Care And Help

Studies suggest depression is more prevalent among expats than those living at home. Find out about how to get help.

What is Culture Shock and How Does it Affect Expats?

What is culture shock and how can you move beyond it to settle into your new life as an expat?

Top Tips for Good Mental Health as an Expat

We take a look at common mental health issues experienced by expats and their spouses.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost In The USA?

Understand why health insurance in the USA often costs more than elsewhere.

How Much Does Medical Treatment Cost Abroad?

If you are an expat, how much could medical treatment cost abroad if you don’t have the insurance cover?

Antibiotics Resistance: What You Need to Know

Information on antibiotics resistance around the world, what causes it, and how you can take it responsibly.

COVID-19 & Mental Health For Expats Research

We asked over 1,100 expatriates worldwide about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their mental health.

The High Cost of Pregnancy Care for Expats

Covering the costs of pregnancy & routine maternity can still be high. Find our more about global maternity care.

Which Countries Require Health Insurance For Entry

There are now an increasing number of countries that won’t let you in without international health insurance.

How To Sleep Better As An Expat

Sleep is a foundational pillar of human health. We explore what you can do to get better rest as an expat.

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