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How Our Health Plans Are Changing for Hong Kong Residents

Improvements to our health plans and changes to excess discounts for new customers in Hong Kong.

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William Russell blog - finding the right work life balance when working from home - banner

Work-life Balance When Working From Home in 2021

Work-life balance is always important, but it’s vital if you work from home. Find out how to find the right balance.

William Russell blog - How to get better sleep when you're tired - banner

How to Get Better Sleep if You’re Always Tired

Here’s a guide to getting better sleep. Sleep deprivation is a key issue, having a particular impact in East Asian cities.

William russell blog - The high cost of maternity care for expats banner

The High Cost of Pregnancy Care for Expats

Covering the costs of pregnancy & routine maternity can still be high. Find our more about global maternity care.

Pregnancy & Maternity Care in Hong Kong

What can expats in Hong Kong expect from maternity care and parental benefits? Find out here.

William Russell blog - How to Stay Healthy in Dubai banner

How to Stay Healthy in Dubai in 2021

A range of factors, such as the hot climate, makes it difficult to exercise. Find out how to keep healthy in Dubai.

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How to Relocate Staff Overseas Successfully

Employees who are satisfied with their benefits package are more likely to be loyal to their employers.

William Russell blog - What You Need to Know about Antibiotics Resistance - banner

What to Know About Antibiotics Resistance

Information on antibiotics resistance around the world, what causes it, and how you can take it responsibly.

William Russell blog - Your Guide to Malaria Protection banner

Your Guide to Malaria Protection in Southeast Asia

A look at the super-resistant malaria first discovered in Cambodia in 2007. What can you do to protect yourself?

William Russell blog - Introducing Flex: Our New, Flexible Health Insurance Plan for Dubai banner

Flex Health Insurance Plan for Dubai

Flex is a progressive health product designed for Dubai-based corporate groups of three or more employees.

William Russell managing stress in hong kong as an expat - banner

Guide on Managing Stress in Hong Kong in 2021

The Hong Kong lifestyle & the city’s environment are not conducive to low-stress living. How can you manage it?

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Is There a Depression Crisis in Asia’s Cities?

How much of a problem is depression in Asia’s metropolises and how can it be identified and prevented?

William Russell - Buying Antibiotics in Southeast Asia - banner

Buying Antibiotics in Southeast Asian Countries

Overuse of antibiotics medication is a global problem, but it’s particularly acute across Southeast Asia.

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