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5 Important Things To Know About Insurance & Mental Health For Expats

We look at how insurance plans can vary with mental health and what you need to look out for.

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How Can Expats And Digital Nomads Survive The Cost Of Living Crisis In 2022?

Understand how the cost of living crisis affects expats and digital nomads living abroad.

Female Empowerment Hotspots – The Most Female-Friendly Countries

We’ve investigated which developed countries are the best places to live and work as a woman.

Moving Abroad For Expats In 2022 (With A Checklist)

Thinking about becoming an expat? Check out our top tips for moving abroad in 2022.

Where Are The Cheapest Places To Live In And Relocate To In 2022?

As the cost of living goes up, we look at some of the cheapest places to live and relocate.

16 Top Workation Destinations – The Best To Work From In 2022

What are the top workation destinations in 2022 to work from as a remote worker, expat or digital nomad?

Best Countries For American Expats To Move To From USA

A look at the most popular places around the world for American expats, and the pros and cons of making the move.

The World’s 17 Best Countries To Raise A Family In 2022 If You Are Relocating With Kids

Find out what countries are best to raise a family. We also share top tips from expats who moved abroad with their kids.

Best Countries In The World For Education (Ranked)

Looking to find the best countries for education for you or your children? Here are the top places in the world for education.

The 5 Best Countries To Live In And Work Abroad In The World In 2022

2022 is a year of fresh beginnings, and what better way to start anew than to move to a new country?

Living In Mexico: A Guide To Moving To Mexico As An Expat

An essential relocation guide with a checklist on living and moving to Mexico as an expat.

37 Best Apps For Expats And Digital Nomads: Must-Have Apps For Travelling

Expats have plenty of choices when it comes to mobile apps. We take a look at the best ones.

UK Healthcare For Expats. What Are The Best Hospitals In The UK?

Understand how the UK’s hospital system works and if you’re entitled to NHS treatment as an expat.

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