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Living in Mexico: A Guide to Moving to Mexico as an Expat

An essential relocation guide with a checklist on living and moving to Mexico as an expat.

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5 Safest Countries in the World for Expats in 2021

How safe are different countries for expats? Find the safest countries in each region.

Expat Guide to Moving and Living in Hong Kong in 2021

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Best Countries for American Expats to Move to from USA

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Moving to India: What You Should Know Before Going

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An Expat Checklist for Moving to Dubai in 2021

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Work-life Balance When Working From Home in 2021

Work-life balance is always important, but it’s vital if you work from home. Find out how to find the right balance.

Expat Guide to Moving and Living in Vietnam in 2021

From jobs to healthcare to schools, find out what life is like for expats in Vietnam.

What is Culture Shock and How Does it Affect Expats?

What is culture shock and how can you move beyond it to settle into your new life as an expat?

Which Countries Have the Best Healthcare in the World?

We compare the healthcare systems in some of the world’s leading countries for medical care.

Top Tips for Good Mental Health as an Expat

We take a look at common mental health issues experienced by expats and their spouses.

What are Best Hospitals in the UK for Expats?

Understand how the UK’s hospital system works and if you’re entitled to NHS treatment as an expat.

Taxes for Expats: What You Should Know When Moving Abroad

Understand the basics of taxes for expats if you’re living and working outside of your home country.

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