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Employer Of Record: What Is It? How Does It Work?

We look at everything you need to know about hiring and paying employees overseas with EOR services.

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Expat life

Healthiest Diets In The World (And How They Help You Live Longer)

Discover the top 10 healthiest diets in the world and how they could help you live longer.

What Is Health And How Does Insurance Protect It?

We take a look at how insurance can help protect your health while living as an expat.

What Is The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa?

We look at everything you need to know about the new Spanish Digital Nomad Visa.

Disadvantages Of Living Abroad (And How To Overcome Them)

We look at how to overcome common expat challenges when moving abroad.

Friendliest Countries In The World For Expats

We uncover the friendliest countries in the world for expats looking for a warm welcome.

Happiest Countries In The World To Live And Work

We shortlist the happiest countries in the world for expats and digital nomads to live and work.

Best Countries To Start A Business In 2023

Starting a business can be very challenging, so where could you go to get your business off the ground?

The Friendliest Cities In The World

Wherever you travel or relocate to, knowing that the locals are welcoming and friendly makes the endeavour much easier.

How Does Health Insurance Work In Nigeria For Expats?

We look at everything you need to know about healthcare in Nigeria for you and your family.

Expat vs Digital Nomad: What Is Best For You?

We look at the phenomenon of digital nomads and contrast their lifestyle with that of expats.

Living In Vietnam: A Guide To Moving To Vietnam As An Expat

An essential relocation guide with a checklist on living and moving to Vietnam as an expat.

Diversity And Inclusion In The Remote Workforce

Remote working offers new opportunities for businesses to diversify their workforce.

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