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How Our Health Plans Are Changing for Hong Kong Residents

Improvements to our health plans and changes to excess discounts for new customers in Hong Kong.

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William Russel which countries require health insurance on entry - covid flight banner

Which Countries Require Health Insurance For Entry

There are now an increasing number of countries that won’t let you in without international health insurance.

William Russell blog - International Life Insurance in times of global crisis blog banner - civil unrest in USA

International Life Insurance in Times of Global Crisis

During civil unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic, how can long-term insurance products keep relevant?

William Russell - Expats and mental health banne rimage

Expats and Mental Health in 2021: How to Get Help?

Studies suggest depression is more prevalent among expats than those living at home. Find out about how to get help.

William Russell blog - 8 ways insurance brokers can react

8 Ways Insurance Brokers Adapt to Covid Challenges

How brokers can uncover opportunities for international insurance and other benefits in a post-covid landscape.

William Russell blog - coronavirus (Covid-19) what you need to know - banner image

Coronavirus (COVID-19): What You Need to Know

Find out how we are protecting our staff and supporting our members during the pandemic.

William Russell blog - helping you understand covid and how we're protecting our members and staff banner

We’re Protecting Members & Staff Through Covid-19

Well-being of our members and staff is most important to us. This post has FAQs on how we’re dealing with COVID-19.

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