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How Our Health Plans Are Changing for 2021

Headline changes include merging BronzeLite with Bronze, a low average inflationary premium increase for new customers, improvements to our cancer benefits on Gold & more flexibility with local nationals.

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William Russel which countries require health insurance on entry - covid flight banner

Which Countries Require Health Insurance For Entry

There are now an increasing number of countries that won’t let you in without international health insurance. Check before you travel.

William Russell blog - Diabetes health eating for expats banner

Healthy Eating Tips for Expats with Diabetes

The number of people affected by diabetes globally is set to rise by 227 million over the next 20 years. Find out how you can stay healthy by reading these tips.

William Russell - Expats and mental health banne rimage

Expats and Mental Health

If you’re an expat, finding your feet in a new country can be difficult in ways that go beyond simply being homesick…

William Russell Blog - The value of good international employee benefits banner image - business people

The True Value of Good International Employee Benefits

With the right international employee benefits, you can make your expatriate employees feel at home in their new surroundings.

William Russell blog - how physical activity affects health banner image

How Does Physical Activity Affect Your Health?

How important is it to stay active as we age and what kind of activity brings the most benefits?

William Russell blog - Cancer care for expats living abroad banner

Cancer Care for Expats

A cancer diagnosis can come at any stage in life and if you’re living abroad you’ll want to know what help is available

William Russell blog - How much does medical treatment cost banner image - knee bandage

How Much Does Medical Treatment Cost Abroad?

Could you afford any of the examples below if you did not have international health, life or income protection in place?

William Russell blog - Vaccinations for expat children banner image

Vaccinations for Expat Children

Any parent reserves the right to worry about their child’s health, but when you’re living abroad issues can often seem magnified.

William Russell blog - coronavirus (Covid-19) what you need to know - banner image

Coronavirus (COVID-19): What You Need to Know

The COVID-19 outbreak spread quickly around the world, and the WHO declared a pandemic.

William Russell Blog - Introducing our new health insurance quote tool - banner

Introducing Our New Health Insurance Quote Tool

The launch of the quote tool marks the first public release on our digital transformation roadmap. There’s plenty more to come and we’re excited to let you know what we’ve got planned. For now, here’s the lowdown on the quote tool’s features.

William Russell blog - finding the right work life balance when working from home - banner

Finding the Right Work-Life Balance When Working from Home

A proper work-life balance is always important, but it’s especially vital if you work from home. To coincide with National Work Life Week, we take a look at how workers at home and abroad can keep everything in harmony.

William russell blog - why our members stick with us and why you should too - banner - feefo award winner

Why Our Members Stick with Us—and Why You Should Too

Insurance policy renewals are all too often impersonal. Providers usually issue them from a no-reply email address, with little explanation about price or benefit changes. No wonder customers are often left confused and frustrated.

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