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Why Do Insurance Companies Have Bad Reputations?

We look at reasons why insurance companies have a bad reputation and how to find a company you can trust.

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What Is Our Approach To Good Customer Service?

Find out some of the things we do differently which contribute to our award-winning customer experience.

International Health Insurance Companies Aren’t Serving Customers Well. Here’s How We’re Fixing It

Find out how William Russell are offering a better standard of international health insurance.

Medical Tourism: What Is Health Tourism & Where Is It Popular?

Find out how medical tourism works and common destinations for medical tourism.

Changes To Our Health Insurance Products In Hong Kong For 2023

We’re pleased to share our annual changes to Hong Kong health plans.

Price Of US Health: Which US States Are Spending The Most On Healthcare?

We explore which of the US states are spending the most on healthcare.

Changes To Our Health Insurance Products For 2023

Our annual changes to our health plans include improvements to our cancer and mental health benefits.

The Future Of Healthcare Technology

New healthcare technology allows more personalised health insurance plans and mitigates personal risk.

The Friendliest Cities In The World

Wherever you travel or relocate to, knowing that the locals are welcoming and friendly makes the endeavour much easier.

William Russell Wins Best Individual International Healthcare Provider

William Russell crowned Best Individual International Healthcare Provider at UK Health & Protection Awards.

Improvements For Our UAE Members In 2022

We’ve made a number of improvements to services for UAE members which take effect in October 2022.

How Expats From Hong Kong Are Affecting Singapore’s Healthcare System

Hong Kong’s pursuit of zero-COVID is incentivising expatriates to flee the city, with many heading to Singapore.

Global Health Laws: Which Countries Have The Most Health Freedoms?

We explore differences in health rules and regulations globally.

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