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How Expats From Hong Kong Are Affecting Singapore’s Healthcare System

Hong Kong’s pursuit of zero-COVID is incentivising expatriates to flee the city, with many heading to Singapore.

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Which Countries Have The Best Healthcare In The World?

We compare the healthcare systems in some of the world’s leading countries for medical care.

COVID-19 & Insurance: What You Need To Know

Find out how COVID-19 is impacting our insurance plans and how we are supporting our members.

Moving Abroad For Expats In 2023 (With A Checklist)

Thinking about becoming an expat? Check out our top tips for moving abroad in 2023.

COVID Passports For Expats Vaccinated Abroad & NHS COVID Pass For Foreigners

Expats & COVID-19 vaccine passports: what you need to know if you work and live abroad.

International Life Insurance In Times Of Global Crisis

During a time of global crisis and uncertainty, how can long-term insurance products keep relevant?

How COVID-19 Created A New Wave Of Fraud & False Insurance Claims

Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen a significant increase in the number of fraudulent insurance claims.

Guide On Vaccinations For Expat Children

Read our guide to children vaccination abroad and how to keep your new-born safe during 2023.

How To Get A COVID Vaccine If You’re An Expat

Are expats eligible for a COVID vaccine when they’re living abroad? If not, can they return home for the jab?

How to Match Remote Work and Employee Benefits

Having access to employee benefits can boost your team’s morale; learn how to match it with remote work.

Antibiotics Resistance: What You Need to Know

Information on antibiotics resistance around the world, what causes it, and how you can take it responsibly.

Returning to Work After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Do you manage global staff or expats? Read our guide to a phased return to work after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which Countries Require Health Insurance For Entry

There are now an increasing number of countries that won’t let you in without international health insurance.

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