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Global Health Laws: Which Countries Have The Most Health Freedoms?

When travelling abroad, you may not be able to access the same health services that you’re used to.

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Expat vs Digital Nomad: What Is Best For You?

We look at the phenomenon of digital nomads and contrast their lifestyle with that of expats

What is Culture Shock and How Does it Affect Expats?

What is culture shock and how can you move beyond it to settle into your new life as an expat?

What Are The Most Common Allergies Around The World?

Allergies are becoming more common around the world – which ones might affect you?

Monkeypox – What Are The Risks At Home And Overseas?

The rise of monkeypox may be a concern for anyone working, moving or travelling overseas.

5 Important Things To Know About Insurance & Mental Health For Expats

We look at how insurance plans can vary with mental health and what you need to look out for.

How Much Does Medical Treatment Cost Abroad?

If you are an expat, how much could medical treatment cost abroad if you don’t have the insurance cover?

Which Countries Have The Worst Healthcare In The World In 2022?

We explore how countries compare for different aspects of healthcare and reveal the worst.

Around The World In Alternative Medicines

We look at complementary alternative medicines from around the world to help with an array of ailments.

Being An Expat Spouse: How To Make The Best Of Your New Life

How can you avoid trailing spouse syndrome and find your identity in an unfamiliar environment?

The Most Common Allergies Around The World

Allergies are becoming more common around the world – which ones might affect you?

Applying For European Health Insurance Card After Brexit

Find out if you’re eligible to apply for a new UK EHIC or UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC).

Understanding Dubai’s Healthcare System

Make sure you have the access you need for you and your family’s medical requirements in Dubai.

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