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Introducing Flex: our new flexible health insurance plan

Flex is a progressive new health product from Dubai insurance company, created by William Russell – the expat experts. Designed for Dubai-based corporate groups of three or more employees, Flex gives you the freedom to choose the cover you need within your budget.

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The real value of the right international employee benefits

The right benefits package can be difficult to find for businesses with staff who either live and work in one country as foreign nationals or travel extensively in connection with their work. Our range of health and protection plans are designed exclusively for expats and international businesses.

The Healthcare system in Hong Kong

How does the healthcare system work for expats in Hong Kong?

Why it is time to take action on heart disease

Why it’s time to take action on heart disease

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that heart diseases are the top cause of death around the world. But if you’re an expat, are you more at risk?

Expat guide to vaccinations in Thailand

Expat guide to vaccinations in Thailand

Thailand is a world of opportunity for ambitious professionals. But it’s important to remember that you or your family could be exposed to health issues that you’ve never had to think about before.

Vitamin D deficiency in Dubai

Vitamin D deficiency in Dubai

Despite enjoying virtually all-year-round sunshine, the UAE has one of the highest levels of vitamin D deficiency in the world, with one Dubai-based study indicating that 8 out of 10 people had insufficient levels.

Living with asthma and COPD

Living with asthma and COPD

Any sort of change in weather, be it a spike in temperature, a dust storm or a thunderstorm, could trigger an asthma attack for some of the world’s 235 million sufferers. It’s essential to know the triggers and some of the ways to minimise symptoms.

How to stay fit when working full time

How to stay fit when working full time

Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day can have a huge impact on your long-term health

Your guide to pharmacies abroad

Your guide to pharmacies abroad

It’s easy to think that everything will be totally different when you move to a new country, and this can be a cause of stress. For example, what should you do if you need to visit a pharmacy?

Vaccinations for expat children

Any parent reserves the right to worry about their child’s health, but when you’re living abroad issues can often seem magnified.

Managing diabetes if you’re a frequent flyer

Taking long-haul flights across multiple time zones is not unusual for expats. But when you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, planning your journey in advance can avoid any complications.

Expats and mental health

If you’re an expat, finding your feet in a new country can be difficult in ways that go beyond simply being homesick. Moving away from your support network to unfamiliar surroundings can result in high levels of stress.

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