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Introducing our 16% lifetime discount for new individual health business

Introducing Our 16% Lifetime Discount For New Individual Health Business

Introducing our 16% lifetime discount for new individual health business

From 01 June 2023, we’re offering a 16% lifetime discount for all new health insurance policies we sell to individuals and families where the policyholder is resident in Dubai or the Northern Emirates.

This promotion follows on from our 20% lifetime discount for new individual health policies across 12 countries in Asia and Africa, and our 15% lifetime discount for new protection business.

At the end of 2022, William Russell won the “Best Individual International Healthcare Provider” at the UK Health & Protection Awards. So, where better to place your individual clients than with William Russell?

There are, of course, terms & conditions for the 16% discount in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. These are summarised below, along with some FAQs.

Terms & conditions

Here are the main T&Cs for the 16% lifetime discount for new health insurance policies:

  • We’ll add the discount automatically to all individual & family health insurance policies with a date of entry on or after 01 June 2023.
  • All members of the policy, not just the policyholder must reside permanently in Dubai and the Northern Emirates .
  • Where there is an appointed broker in receipt of commission, then the 16% Lifetime Discount can only be applied where that commission is 15% or lower.
  • Policies with children only are not eligible for the discount.
  • Eligibility for the discount ends when the policy is cancelled or if the policyholder changes their country of residence.

Click here to see the full terms & conditions.


Frequently asked questions about our 16% lifetime discount for new health insurance policies:

Yes. We’ve programmed all our quote tools with the discount.

We’ll need to switch the policyholder to a non-Dubai/Northern Emirates policy. The new policy loses the 16% discount, but if there’s a lifetime discount active in the country where the policyholder is relocating, then we’ll apply that discount to the new policy.

We won’t be able to cover the dependants under the policyholder’s plan. The dependants will need their own policy and will receive a discount only if there’s one available in their country of residence.

The cost of living is intensifying and the market is getting more and more competitive.

We have cost-effective plans, excesses with good discounts, smaller areas of cover, and optional benefit limits. These options can help our members reduce the amount spent on health insurance each month or year.

No. The discount is available to new customers only. An existing customer would need to cancel their policy, wait 28 days, then reapply for a policy. The re-application would entail our usual medical underwriting process.

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